What if the promotional code box does not appear?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What if the promotional code box does not appear?
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Where do you put your promotional code for Howrse?

On the button that says profile in it will say My Passes, click on it. You'll go to another page which then you must scroll down. There will be this box that says "Promotional Codes" enter that code into that box.

How do you get the cheat code box to appear on sims2?

You press ctrl shift C then the cheat code box will appear

Where do you enter a promotional code at the ea store?

Soon as you click add to screen it takes you to there is a box on the middle right that is titled "Promo Code"Promo Code:If you have a promotional code, enter it here: And a big green button that says APPLY.Enter code in box then click apply.

Where do you enter cheats for Howrse?

Go to your "My Passes" page and scroll down. There will be a box that says promotional code. Enter the code there.

What is pixie hollows promotional code?

what is pixie hollows promotional code?

A panfu promotional code?

Sorry, but there is not a Panfu promotional code on Panfu.

What is the promotional code for pixie hollow?

There is no promotional code for Pixie Hollow.

Where do you put the cheat for Howrse in?

the cheat codes go in a box titled "promotional code" on your "My passes" page.

What is the promotional code for rush card?

The promotional code is BET for rush card.

What is a pixie hollow promotional code?

A promotional code is a code made especially for an event. For example, the newest secret code is D23 is a promotional code made for the anniversary of the Disney23 Expo

How do you redeem a coupon on American girl?

Go to 'shopping bag'. Type/paste the code into the 'key code or promotional code' box. Click the 'update' button under the box you just typed/pasted your code into. If the code has any value, it should have updated.

What is Promotional Code?

promotional code is just like promo code We know that, but what does it mean?! --DemonSlayerThe3rd don't fight