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I've experienced this and I just turn my car off, then turn it back on. Although I know someone who has to wait 7 minutes before their car allows them to turn it back on. You could also try reading about it in the manual.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-07 10:08:41
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Q: What if the security light comes on the grandam?
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How do you take a part a headlight on a 1995 Pontiac grandam to replace a bulb?

take bulb out from behind light assembly, under hood. look for wires that is connected to light, this is where the bulb comes out.

Why does the security light comes on and wont start?


What does it mean when the security light comes on a 1998 Pontiac Firebird?

mine does it all the time, most times i just manually unlock my door meaning by key and this shuts the security light off

Why is the security light on after you changed ignition keys?

The security light comes on after you changed the keys in the ignition from the off position to the on position as a confirmation that the electrical components in the dash board are working. It is nothing to be concerned about.

2001 L200 security light comes on intermittently when driving When the car is stopped and restarted the security light turns off It is not flashing What is causing this to happen?

It is the body control module It always starts out sparadic then you will get a service engine soon light and a service light !!

How do you reset the security light in your 2003 Oldsmobile Alero?

When your security light comes on and your car will not start, turn you key to the on position and wait 10 minutes. The light will go off and you need to turn the key to the off position, then restart your car.

What does it mean when security light comes on 2004 Monte Carlo?

i have a 2004 chevy monte carlo and the service engine soon light is on what does it mean?

You bought a 85 300zx you know it rus but when you try to turn it on the security light comes on and it will not start how do you byepass the security system?

Disable the security system by unlocking the hatch or driver's side door with the key.

Where do I find the security light?

Where is the security light on a scion 2004

What can you do if your security light sometimes comes on and the car will not start?

You turn the ignition on, leave it in the on position until the security light stops flashing. It flashes 6 times, then the battery light comes on, then the security light flashes 6 more times. You have to make sure it stops flashing and just stays on. Then you can start your car. PS: If the engine does not start, then turn the ignition off to reset and then try to start it immedately. If this does not work try it again. It eventually starts, but patience is the key factor here.

Do you have an Engine diagram 1994 grandam?

do you have a engine diagram for a 1994 grandam focusing on water outlet restrictor

Why is the security light on?

Your security system is on

What does it mean when the Security light on in 1995 Pontiac Bonneville comes on and car won't start?

Your key is going out. It has a safety feature in it.

What if your security light comes on when you turn your ingition key nothing comes on except the radio and temp settings computer or nothing will come on what is it something wrong with the security?

take car to gm car dealer to install codes will cost somewhere$ 300to$400

What does it mean when a light comes on of a key inside a circle for a jeep liberty?

It is the warning light for the security system. The system does not recognize the key you're using. Try using a spare key and see if the light goes out.

Where is horn on grandam?

grand am

What is wrong if the security light comes on and the car will not start 1999 Grand Am GT?

It is possible the resistor in the key has come out. TAke it to a garage or dealer,

How do you hook up a night security light?

usually a "night security light" just means that the light is on a circuit that does not get switched off at night.

SRVC brake light comes on?

brake light comes on on the dash

my light in the refergator comes on but the refergator will not?

my light in the refergator comes on but the refergator will not

What causes a anti theft system light to come on while driving in a 98 Chevy Malibu?

When an anti theft system light comes on while driving a 98 Chevy Malibu, the problem is usually caused by the Security Module. The security module is part of the Ignition Lock Module.

2002 Pontiac Trans Am V8 will not start starter vs security Will not start in neutral. security light is on when I attempt to crank then security light is off.?

if the light goes off it's probably the starter...

94 Camaro security light on car wont start?

94 camaro security light on car will not start

What are the exceptions that should be made when it comes to getting social security benefits?

what are exceptions that should be madewhen it comes to getting socil security benefits

The security light on my 93 cadillac deville flashes when i take the keys out of the ignition. how do i shut that off?

A flashing Security light is indicating that the security system on your car is active.