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The father must establish his paternity in the family court and petition for a visitation schedule and/or joint custody. The father should act immediately.

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Q: What if their are no court orders and the child's mother refuses to allow the father to see his child?
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Does a parent have to pay child support if the mother refuses court orders for child to have phone contact with father?

Yes, but he can file for contempt charges. see links below on how

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Can a child's uncle have custody of him if the father is not registered as his guardian or father?

The Court of jurisdiction orders the custody arrangements for the child. It is unusual for an uncle to be granted custody of the child, however he can be if the following conditions exist: 1. The mother is determined not capable or incompetent of raising the child, or, refuses custody of the minor, And 2. The father is determined not capable or incompetent of raising the child, or refuses custody of the minor, And 3. The uncle is capable of raising the minor, And 4. The Court orders that the uncle is capable, and orders custody of the child to the uncle. Visitation has to be worked out first depending on parental challenges.

Can you file for a paternity test if the father wants to be involved in the childs life if it turns out to be that the child is his. But the mother says she does not want the father around?

After the baby is born the father can go to court and request a paternity test. If the test confirms the father's paternity he can request custody and a visitation order and the court will establish a child support order. The mother cannot refuse to obey the court orders that establish the father's rights. If she does, she could eventually lose custody.

What rights do a father have with a child being born after 2003 can he have access if the mother wont let him?

Single father? Not without court orders. see links

Does the mother need to consent to take a child out of the state if the father is in jail?

This is dependent on what any court orders state.

If mother have primary custody can she keep the child on the day the father is supposed to have the child?

No, that would be a violation of the court orders

Can the mother call the cops cause the father wont give her kid back?

Only if she has current custody orders.

Can a mother refuse the rights to a father even if the child support is paid in full?

Not if there are court orders. see links

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