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What if you're getting emotionally abused by your father and you want to move out?


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September 12, 2008 7:53PM

It's difficult to do that. I have the same issue, but I can't move out, I don't have money to do it and I'm still in high school, unable to get a driver's license or anything. Try saving up and getting a job and means of transportation. Then pick out an apartment that you can move into, but make sure you will be able to afford that plus utilities, food, etc. More than likely, you'll be stuck with being there, at least for a while. I've learned to just block it, the only problem with that is that I can't unblock my emotions. However, I can't feel the pain anymore. Anytime he starts with something like, you're an idiot, or you're useless, think of something different, or reverse it onto him, anytime he calls you that, contradict him in your head. Don't even listen to what he has to say, it's not important. To the person who wrote the original answer, it's different to have a parent do that that a boyfriend or girlfriend, you don't even realize there's something wrong with it until they show those videos in school because that's all you know. I'm actually pretty lucky, I don't let it affect me, other than lacking emotions. I don't have low self-esteem or anything. You just have to make sure that you list everything good about you, and don't even look at what's wrong. More than likely anything your father tells you is a lie, and don't let it become the truth.