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It's difficult to do that. I have the same issue, but I can't move out, I don't have money to do it and I'm still in high school, unable to get a driver's license or anything. Try saving up and getting a job and means of transportation. Then pick out an apartment that you can move into, but make sure you will be able to afford that plus utilities, food, etc. More than likely, you'll be stuck with being there, at least for a while. I've learned to just block it, the only problem with that is that I can't unblock my emotions. However, I can't feel the pain anymore. Anytime he starts with something like, you're an idiot, or you're useless, think of something different, or reverse it onto him, anytime he calls you that, contradict him in your head. Don't even listen to what he has to say, it's not important. To the person who wrote the original answer, it's different to have a parent do that that a boyfriend or girlfriend, you don't even realize there's something wrong with it until they show those videos in school because that's all you know. I'm actually pretty lucky, I don't let it affect me, other than lacking emotions. I don't have low self-esteem or anything. You just have to make sure that you list everything good about you, and don't even look at what's wrong. More than likely anything your father tells you is a lie, and don't let it become the truth.

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What do you do if youre abused at home and nobody will listen?

First contact the police. From there, you should contact your state's department of child and family services if you are a child or if there is a child being abused in the home. If you are an adult and there are no children in the home, you can start with a local domestic violence project if you need help getting out. Or you can just leave.

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You get to pay child support, perhaps to the State as reimbursement for assistance given the child.see links below

How you are like your father and mother?

if you do not spend enough time nor have the time for your child/ren, you should be a parent.Parents can not abuse, verbally or physically a child/ren. there is a diff. between spanking and abusing yes. But avoid it as much as possible. you need to emotionally and physically care for youre child/ren.

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Pride,Cherish and respect what you have.his little girl is the source of youre pride and youre lucky if he lets his little girl be with you.say it from youre heart as best as you can.only youre girlfriend can decide what she wants.her father cant control her life because he helped make her.

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youre mpother was a hamster and your father smeltof elder berries

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If youre being emotionally abused to stay as a Muslim what do you do?

It depends- if your safety is at risk you may need greater planning to remove yourself to a safe situation. If you are living in a free country you need to build a support network outside of that environment. This could be other Muslims of course, ones who do not put so much pressure on you or put their religion before the friendship and your happiness. Good luck to you as you must be facing a very difficult situation.

Was Adolf Hitler reborn or the anti christ?

No , he is but a pawn. I am the reborn of my father. I stand alone confused and waiting to take my place. I doubt what I see, but revail upon it. I will not ask of thee, but hope in thee. My father is not above,not below. He is about and within thee and holds youre hand when the light fails. have faith and I will be by youre side soon.

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ANSWER: Despite that Mcdonalds are the major reason for so menny people getting fat, then unless youre an ***** you should just watch where youre going and pay for youre own clumsiness..

Can a child at age 17 leave the parents?

That would be called "divorcing" the parents. Yes,you can..if its for a good cause..not a selfish stupid one. if youre being abused or something of that sort..but hell i dont really know.