What if you get your period a week early on the birth control patch?

First, what type of bleeding are you experiencing? Is it like a very light period - this may just be spotting, OR is it very heavy and bright red (could be a hemorrhage or miscarriage)? If it is the latter, definitely call the doctor and if you are losing a lot of blood, go to the emergency room! If it is light - like a light period or even a regular period, it is probably less serious. In this case call the doctor and discuss what is going on. Based on what you tell them, they will let you know if they think it is something that needs to be seen to right away or if it can wait. Possible reasons: How long have you been using the patch? It is not uncommon for a woman to experience spotting during the first 6 months or so of use. If you are on "Ortho Evra Lo," you may be experiencing breakthrough bleeding - this is common in estrogen sensitive women, and these women may require a birth control with a higher dose of estrogen (greater than 20 mcg). At any time, did the patch fall off? If so, was there a long time before putting on a new one or was there a long period of time between when you changed patches each week? Stopping the estrogen for a long (i.e. a day) period of time can cause you to get your period. It also increases your chances of pregnancy and the bleeding could indicate miscarriage. The patch may also be less reliable for women >198 lbs (not saying this is you!) and could also result in a pregnancy. Finally, there are other medical reasons for vaginal bleeding. Talking/seeing your doctor will help rule this out (or in!). Hope this was helpful..