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What if you have bad credit because of bills not credit card debts?


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It is still bad credit history.

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Just because your name has changed doesn't mean that you don't have to pay credit card debts. They are still your debts to pay.

Bankruptcy cover credit card bills. Bankruptcy can also cover outstanding debts from doctors, utility bills, and bank loans, as well.

A person's credit rating can be improved by paying off old bad debts or unpaid bills that may be affecting your credit rating. Some companies will give people with poor credit a credit card to clear all old debts and consolidate their debts into one payment.

Only if they guaranteed the bills or debts. The estate needs to be set up to handle the debts. If there are no assets in the estate, it can close the debts.

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

One can pay credit card bills online by consulting with the website of their credit card company. Many companies offer an option to pay credit card bills online.

Many different types of debts qualify for consolidation, including credit card debt, store card debt, personal loan debt, utility bills, and so forth.

Credit card consolidation works by putting all the debts from your credit card into one debt. This makes it easier to keep track of your debts and can often give a lower interest rate than having different debts for different cards.

The estate of the deceased is responsible for resolving the debts left behind. This is the reason that an estate is a good idea, it provides a means to settle the debts.

Having a credit card balance of zero on a credit card is a good thing. It means one has no debts to the credit card company, which also means that no additional interests will be charged. If one either has not used a credit card or has paid all open debts and interests, they would have a credit card balance of zero.

Many Americans have credit card debt because they supplement their purchasing with credit cards due to a lack of adequate income. Some Americans have credit card debt because they are addicted to shopping or because they are not making enough money to pay their bills.

You must have both a good credit score (600 or more) and little or no debts, you may qualify for a Barclays credit card. There are different categories that allow you to qualify for a Barclays credit card, which can be helpful for people with high credit scores but low debts or people with average credit scores with low debt. Remember that you might be denied a credit card even if you have a high credit score, due to high debts.

You can use credit cards to lower bills. Pay all bills as soon as they come in with your credit card. Accumulate the cash you would have paid for the bills and use it as soon as the new credit card bill comes in to pay it off. This can save you some interest on the bills, and possibly earn you some perk points on the credit cards because you are making more charges than you otherwise would be making. Just be sure to pay all the amounts you paid for bills on the credit card bill to avoid interest.

shopping bills,electric bills,telephone bills and etc

The best way for people with bad credit to get credit is to rebuild their credit score, this can be done by clearing off past due bills and bad debts, how ever responsible users can avail of department store credit cards or some credit card companies will offer people with bad credit score history a special credit card.

Pay off all your debts.Pay your bills on time.Get a secured credit card, don't use more then 20% and pay off the balance every month.

Information on turning bad credit into good credit card debts can be found on multiple credit advice websites. Some of the most well known include Experian, TheMoneyBroker and MoneySavingExpert.

Pay your bills on time. Actually, use a credit card and pay your bills in full ahead of time.Paying bills on time will not make a credit history.USING credit will.Just be careful.

Even without assets, the estate has to pay off the debts. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute any money as best they can. If the court approves the distribution plan, the debts are ended.

Nope.... your debts are YOUR responsibility.

If you want to increase your credit card limit, you should use it regularly and create a predictable credit card history. Pay your bills on time.

One can consolidate credit card debts by rolling them into one lower interest credit card. Many companies offer this service such as such as 'Credit Guard' offer this service.

A few ways to prevent accruing debt on a credit card is to avoid maxing out the credit limit on the card. Balances owed on the card should also be paid off in a timely manner. Paying more than the minimum balance due when the credit card bill is due will also help keep debts on the card down.

There are several debt consolidation businesses to help one consolidate one's credit card bills. Some of them include Care One Credit, In Charge, Well Fargo, and Consumer Credit.

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