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Do you mean the games say "compatible with windows 98?" and you have Windows XP? Games are backwards compatible. Meaning, if the games say "windows 98", windows 95 is ok (anything before windows 98 will work). But it is not forward compatible--Windows 2000, windows xp, etc. will not work. does this answer?

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โˆ™ 2007-05-21 02:42:59
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Q: What if you have computer games that are not compatible with your computer?
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Are Nancy drew computer games compatible on a mac computer?

The Nancy Drew games are only available for computers using the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Mac OS X.

How do you play Xbox360 games on your computer?

Simple! You don't. Xbox 360 games are not compatible with a PC.

Is homer hit and run ps2 game compatible in the computer?

No PS2 games are not compatible with the computer. When a Emulator is used on a PC the PS2 games are still required to use the PS2 bios to work and it is not like playing the game on a PS2

How do you play computer games on a laptop?

You play it like on a computer only some games aren't compatible for laptops so it isn't a surprise if it doesn't work

Can a karaoke microphone be compatible with a computer?

A karaoke microphone is never compatible to a computer.

What software is compatible with my Dell computer?

Microsoft office is compatible with your dell computer.

Are PlayStation 2 video games compatible with the computer?

Afraid not. you can only play it on the Playstation 2

Are there Pokemon games for the computer to play that are compatible with windows 2000?

Unfortunately, no. There are no Pokemon games that you can play on the computer. However, there are plenty of unofficial Pokemon games (in other words, not made by Nintendo) available for download on the web.

Is Macintosh compatible with online games?

The Macintosh is compatible with many online games. If the games uses open standards then the Mac will be compatible.

What vehicles computer is compatible for my 1992 Jeep Wrangler?

A computer from a 1992 Wrangler with the same engine is what is compatible.

Can you put a game disc in the computer to make it work?

If you were going to use a disc in a computer, it would have to be compatible. A disc programmed for a games console is not the same thing.

Are Wii games compatible with the Xbox 360?

No, they are not compatible.

Is compaq compatible with an IBM computer can i use memory from IBM for my compaq presario 4410 computer?

Depends on how you want them to be compatible.

Is Skyrim compatible for computer?


Are PlayStation 1 games compatible with PlayStation 2?

Yes they are. PS2 are "backwards" compatible with PS1 games

Are old psp games compatible with the psvita?

It has no UMD slot, but some PSP games on the PSN are compatible.

Which graphics cards are compatible with your computer?

To find out which type of graphics card is compatible with your computer you will need to know the specific specifications on your computer. Your local electronics store's salesperson can help you find a match for your computer.

What can you do to make your computer more compatible for games?

Adding more RAM and getting a newer video card are the best ways to make your computer better able to handle modern gaming.

Can you download PC games onto a imac computer?

Not unless the game is Mac compatible. If the game is solely a PC game it will not run on a Mac.

Is this computer game controller compatible with Mac?

You must purchase a Mac compatible game controller

What if sims 2 is not compatible with your computer?

it means the game cannot be played on that computer

Is the 3DS backwards compatible?

yes its backward compatible with the ds and dsi games.

What are the three components of Form Factor?

The component that must be compatible with every other component of the computer is the motherboard. Your computer will not function properly without them being compatible.

What type of CPU does a playstion 1 have?

I think its just a mini computer....i guess but with different formats making games compatible and fit for purpose to play.

What is wwwvipergamewebscom? is a gaming site called Viper Game, they have a load of free online web games that are compatible with any computer that has flash player.