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Do you mean the games say "compatible with windows 98?" and you have Windows XP? Games are backwards compatible. Meaning, if the games say "windows 98", windows 95 is ok (anything before windows 98 will work). But it is not forward compatible--Windows 2000, windows xp, etc. will not work. does this answer?

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2007-05-21 02:42:59
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Q: What if you have computer games that are not compatible with your computer?
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The Nancy Drew games are only available for computers using the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Mac OS X.

How do you play Xbox360 games on your computer?

Simple! You don't. Xbox 360 games are not compatible with a PC.

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No PS2 games are not compatible with the computer. When a Emulator is used on a PC the PS2 games are still required to use the PS2 bios to work and it is not like playing the game on a PS2

How do you play computer games on a laptop?

You play it like on a computer only some games aren't compatible for laptops so it isn't a surprise if it doesn't work

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Afraid not. you can only play it on the Playstation 2

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A karaoke microphone is never compatible to a computer.

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Microsoft office is compatible with your dell computer.

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Unfortunately, no. There are no Pokemon games that you can play on the computer. However, there are plenty of unofficial Pokemon games (in other words, not made by Nintendo) available for download on the web.

Is Macintosh compatible with online games?

The Macintosh is compatible with many online games. If the games uses open standards then the Mac will be compatible.

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