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you're just a late bloomer no big deal

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You are 12 can you kiss a girl who is 18?

kiss someone closer to your age bro

Can I a 13 girl kiss a bisexual girl who's 12?

age is just a number

At what age should you kiss a girl?

You can kiss a girl from any age!

Is it normal if you're 12 and never kissed a girl?

This is absolutely normal. There's no one age where you must kiss someone, even if it seems like most of people your age have had their first kiss.

What is the best age to kiss a girl?

Whatever age she is when she agrees to.

What age can you kiss a boy?

Well, a first kiss age would be around 12-14

Is it ok to kiss at 12?

It is perfectly okay to kiss at the age of 12. If of course it feels right to you.

Is it ok if a 11 year old boy hasn't kissed a girl?

The "first kiss" age is 12-13 many people have their first kiss at later ages

At what age was vannesa hudgens first kiss?

she was 12 she was 12

How do you kiss a girl at age 12?

We all naturally know how to. It's part of our anatomy. Remember to take it slow. Your young. Just close your eyes and kiss. Its a great feeling.

What age and how did you have your first kiss?

12, and on the lips

When should a girl kiss a boy?

About the age of 16 and up u can kiss a boy

What age did Justin bieber kiss a girl?

he had his first kiss at eleven on top of a hill

What age should you kiss a girl?

When You Feel Right to do it

How do you kiss a girl at age 10?

Easy, don't.

What age do girls normally have their first kiss?

The average age a girl has her first kiss is between the ages 13-16.

How do you kiss a girl when your 12 years old?

With your lips.

Do you become a lesbian if you kiss a girl at 12?


At what age was Harry Styles' first kiss?

Harry was 12 when he had his first kiss

What age should a girl have her first kiss?

When they're ready

Is it bad to kiss a girl?

no, never (: Its depend on age though

Should you kiss a girl at age 11?

No, to put it plain.

13 a good age to kiss a girl on the lips?


What age did Justin beiber date and kiss a girl?


What age should a girl get her first kiss?

I'm not sure. I had my first kiss at age 13.

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