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If he doesn't know you yet, how can you like him?

You need to introduce yourself to him, or get someone who knows you both to do to introduce you to him.

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You ask him to go OUT OUT with you And I haven't had a bo-friend yet and yet everybody comes to mefor guy advice now it is time for you to help me I like a guy 2 grades abi=ove me what do I do ??????????????? NOW Love you you are VERY tasty look behind you thereI am

I dunno! It's your problem. haha Now, how did this one got posted on my page?

You can never really tell for sure, but i always beleived that you should go straight out and ask him. like i am in fifth grade right now and i like a guy a lot but he doesn't have a cell phone yet soooooooooo.

Grin and bear it ... he's not your boyfriend yet, and obviously not the other girls' boyfriend either, he's just being a "guy" ... stop being so jealous, as right now he does not belong to anyone, including you.

You probably do like this guy you are thinking about but you just havent realized it yet.

u can just tell the guy who likes u u dont like him and the guy u do like keep trying he might just like u but doesnt know it yet

If you are a girl, probably not. You may have not met the right guy yet. If you are a guy, probably not.

It means they kinda like you. They are not sure yet if they like you alot but they are kinda into you

It's a bit clumsy. It would be better like this: "As of now, it has not yet been forwarded". Answer No, in the present form the 'yet' is redundant. To be correct the 'until now' or the 'yet' should be between 'not' and 'been'. Either: "It has not until now been forwarded" or "It has not yet been forwarded".

OK this is the same thing with me what you do is you tell each guy I am sorry I am just not ready to like like anyone yet sorry. When you Finlay when you do like a guy he most defiantly will like you.

He's not ready for you just yet. If you like him just wait until he has the nerve to ask you or he is ready.

A guy can get angry with a girl with either if a guy angry at a girl yet likes her she proble did something to anger him. hope that helps.

William (Bill) Terry Nye is alive now.

If a guy likes you, he will want to go out with you. But he could also be shy and not ready yet. Or he just wants to be friends. When he said 'I like you' he could have meant as a friend.

Just say to him, I like you a lot but I'm not ready for a relationship yet, I'm a guy and if a girl said something like that to me I would completely understand.

No, that just means you have not found the guy you like yet.

A guy like Bismarck will not be single unless he did not meet the perfect girl yet!

One you really like or, better yet, one written by yourself. depends... if you like the guy then go ahead and tell them that you would love to date them... but if a guy you don't like asks you out then just act normal and honest..tell them that your not ready for a relationship yet or tell them that you already like someone else... Just dont be rude...

Assuming that you started to like him, then, don't let him enter your life yet. Let him overcome he's ex first and let him move on from his past.

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