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Tell her how you fell and if she still wants to break up then get over it

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Q: What if you love your girlfriend but she wants to break up with you?
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What does your girlfriend mean by break?

She wants to break up with you

Girlfriend wants to break up?

Talk to her

What to do if girlfriend always wants to be negative?

This is what you do... you tell her that if she is not going to change then you are going to break up with her and I guarantee that if she love you then she will change

If your girlfriend wants to break up but you still love her deeply is it possible to be best friends while still having these feelings for her?


How tell if girlfriend is hinting to you that she wants to break up?

When she says it!

Should a girlfriend break up with you over you having girlsox?

No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

Will you break up with your girlfriend or will she break up with you?

Ell I love Roc royal and I will never brake up with him

What does it mean if your girlfriend avoids talking to you?

she wants to break up sorry man

What does it means when your girlfriend says she wants to break up?

she does not like you any more

You like your girlfriend and she says she likes you back but she asks to break up. Should you call her or not?

Yes you should and ask her why she wants to break up.

Sometimes nearly everytime i say i love you to my girlfriend she says NO but sometimes she says i love you back what does that mean?

this means that she most likely wants to say it back but is afraid of the commitment...girls know how this goes...the girl says i love you, the boy says it back but then they break your girlfriend probably is aware of the possibilities that you two might break up, so she wont say it.

How do you break up with your girlfriend after dating for 6 months you told her you love and will never break up with her but your not sure if you should or not?

be honest with her

What if your brother broke up with his girlfriend and what should you do to help?

Your brother had his personal reasons for break up with his girlfriend so you will have to respect him for that. Basically all you can do is let him know that you are sorry things didn't work out for the both of them and that you love him and are there for him if he wants to talk things out. All you can do is hope he takes you up on that offer and if not, then he will handle it and move on eventually from the break up.

What should I say if my son wants to breakup with his girlfriend?

I would first try to find out why he wishes to break up with his girlfriend and then continue from there.

How do i break up with my girlfriend who i love and loves me?

If you love her don't break up with her. If you still love her and want to break up, just say something like i still love you then explain why you want to break up. If you dont love her anymore, just say that ive lost those feelings for you and i want to break up. you dont have to explain anything else if you dont want to

What if your girlfriends friend tries to break you and your girlfriend up?

The only one that can break you and your girlfriend up is the two of you and if you love each other then communicate about what is happening re the actions of your girlfriend's friend trying to break you up. It is really up to your girlfriend to decide if her girlfriend's bad actions towards both of you are worth keeping her as a friend. There are generally only two reasons for a girlfriend to try to break up her friend and her boyfriend and that is #1 she is jealous you are taking time away from her being with her friend or, #2 she may be in love with you.

What does it mean when your girlfriend brings breakups into the conversation?

she wants to break up with you!! but shes trying to ease it in

Why won't he break up with his girlfriend for me?

Have you considered the possibilty he might love her. If he does-he won't.

When your girlfriend wants to break up with you what should you do?

when you have a complete idea that she is going to break up,let her go and be cold to her thereafter. don't let her have her rights over you which she had when she was with you.

My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me She Said She Is Stressed And Needs Space And That We Need A Break From Each Other I Truly Love Her I Understand If She Needs Space But Why Do We Have To Break Up?

Sorry but that is a girls' way of saying that she does want to break up...she just wants to cushion the blow a little bit before ending it totally.

How do I get my son to break up with a girlfriend?

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

You have girlfriend but some else wants to go out with you?

Do what you want to do, break up with your girlfriend and take the other girl, or don't go out with the other. It is that simple.

How do you get your boyfriend away from his current girlfriend?

If he wants to be with her then he wants to be with her. You should not mingle in other peoples relationships, how would you feel if you were with him and she was trying to break you up?

Why does your girlfriend constantly want you to talk about your past?

She wants to learn more about you and she wants to know how you felt. And if you dont sahre with her your past then she WILL BREAK UP WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your girlfriend wants you to break up with her and go for her friend?

If she wants to do that let her do that. There is no point in stopping her and asking to stay the way she is. It might always be a trouble if you do that with her.