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If you take your pills each day, your odds of pregnancy are low. Of 1000 couples using the pill for Birth Control for a year, three couples will have a pregnancy. However, most people aren't perfect; of 1000 couples using the pill typically for a year, 30 will get pregnant.

After missing a pill, some women will have breakthrough bleeding. Even if you have bleeding or spotting, continue to take the pill as scheduled. Stopping it will only prolong the bleeding and increase your risk of pregnancy. Your next withdrawal bleed may be late or different.

If you forget your pills for two days, follow the instructions below. This is the most current information, found at the "related link":

If you're on a combination pill with 30 or 35 mcg of estrogen:

  • If you missed one or two pills or started the new pack one or two days late, there is no reason to use the morning after pill, and you don't need additional protection against pregnancy.

If you're on a combination pill with 20 mcg of estrogen or less

  • If you missed two or more active pills, or started the pack two days late, or had sex before you had taken seven pills during your very first pack, be sure to take additional steps to prevent pregnancy. Use the morning after pill if you already had sex. Use condoms or abstain from vaginal sex until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days in a row (if you took levnorgestrel emergency contraception) or fourteen days in a row (if you took ulipristal). If you're in the last week (days 15-21) of active pills, don't skip a week (Days 22-28 or use inactive pills), go straight to the new pill packet - again 7 pills in 7 days after levonorgestrel, or 14 pills in 14 days after ullipristal.

If you're on the progesterone-only pill

  • Consider using the morning after pill if you're late with your pill by more than three hours. Use a backup method until you've taken two pills in two days (after levonorgestrel) or 14 pills in 14 days (if you took ullipristal for emergency contraception).

If missed pills are a recurring problem for you, or if it is very important for you to prevent pregnancy, consider changing to one of the highly-effective methods like the implant or IUD, rather than using the mid-level birth control pill.

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Q: What if you miss two birth control pills?
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What happens if you miss two birth control pills in a month?

If you miss two birth control pills in a month, you increase your risk of unintended pregnancy. Consider changing to another method that will give you better protection.

What if you miss two sugar pills?

Missing any or all of the sugar pills will not affect the effectiveness of your birth control, nor will it affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Can missing two or three birth control pills cause vaginal bleedng?

Yes! You can start your period if you miss one!

Will taking two to three birth control pills at a time damage your insides?

No, it will not. It's part of the normal treatment when catching up on missed birth control pills (up to two at a time), or using birth control pills to control irregular uterine bleeding, as well as for emergency contraception.

Do all birth control pills protect you against chlamydia?

Absolutley not! The two things that do are: no sex or condoms. Birth control pills control the births of babies, nothing more.

Is there any way you can make your period come sooner or make it last for a shorter amount of time?

Hello The only way to make your period arrive earlier than usual for you is by taking birth control pills and by missing some pills or you can miss a period completely by continuing to take birth control pills instead of going onto the sugar pills. But you can only do this when you've been on birth control pills for about two months because the first month will be all over the place. Birth control pills do make your period lighter, less painful and can make your period shorter.

What are the benefits of birth control pills?

Birth control has many benefits. The two big ones are to Prevent pregnancy and to control your menstrual cycle.

What if you are on your second pack and missed six pills in a row in week two?

If you missed that many pills your birth control most likely won't be effective until the end of the second pack. If you miss more than two, you have to restart the pill cycle.

What if you missed two green pills?

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills and should not be skipped. In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and can be skipped. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills.

Why your period two weeks early?

you stopped taking your birth control pills

Can you take two birth control pills a day to speed up your cycle?


If you stop taking birth control after only two days of using it does it change your cycle and your ovulaton days?

Yes it can, but not for long. Birth control pills have hormones in them. Also after quitting birth control pills/patches you have a higher risk of getting pregnant!

What do you do if you repeatedly miss birth control pills?

If you miss two pills during the first two weeks of your cycle, take two pills a day for the next two days. Then continue to take it regularly until you have finished your pack. Use a second method of birth control for the remainder of the month, for you could still become pregnant if you are sexually active. If you miss two pills during the third week of your cycle, take one birth control pill daily until you finish the first 21 pills in your pack. Throw out any remaining pills. Once again use a back up plan...condoms ect. If you miss three or more pills at anytime during the first week, take one pill daily until you are finished the first 21 pills. Throw out the remaining, start your new pack when you are supposed to and use a back up method of birth control. This is for the combination birth control pill- those that contain both estrogen and progestin hormones. The best advice I can give you is to see your doctor about your situation, and also be sure to use a back up if you plan to have sex. Stacey I would request another form of birth control if you have trouble remembering to take pills; like injections. The best way to remember is putting them right by your sink next to your toothbrush so you see them first thing in the morning and remember to take them. Use the patch instead. of course you can!! what kinda question is that? seriously don't you read the disclaimer. if you miss five days of pills you're supposed to wait until your next period and than start a new pack.

If you miss 4 pills in a row and then have unprotected sex in the first week of you pill can you get pregnant?

Yes. Definitely. Birth control pills are out of your system very quickly. Around a day or two. That's why you're supposed to take them everyday. Also, if you just started the pills you're supposed to take a full week's worth for them to even be effective. You should probably take a pregnancy test. And either remember your pills or get on another form of birth control.

What if you miss two weeks of birth control?

If you miss two weeks of birth control, start your method as soon as you remember. Consider using emergency contraception if you had sex in the last five days. Use a backup method until you've used the birth control correctly for seven days.

Can someone takes two birth control pills in a day to finish the pack quicker?

No. definatly not.

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if you just started taking birth control pills two weeks before you had unprotected sex?

You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after. You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after.

What if you had your IUD removed an started taking birth control pills you stop taking the pills 2 days before ovulation and had unprotected sex is there a chance you could be pregnant?

If you are taking birth control pills you won't ovulate until about two weeks after you stop taking them.

Will taking two birth control pills in a day stop your period sooner?

There is no guarantee that taking two birth control pills in a day will stop your period sooner. Generally speaking the only time you should take two of these pills in one day is if you forgot to take a pill the day before. Taking two pills on the same day may have no effect on your period but will reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

If you took 2 birth control pills to make you miss your period for a weekend will it make you irregular?

Taking two pills is only recommended if a day is missed. It might not work as you wish. Changeing the timing of periods is not a good idea. Chances are no, it will not make you irregular.

Can you get pregnant if you miss one or two pills but take them?

Yes, you can. Birth control pills are not entirely effective so you can get pregnant while taking them correctly. For every pill not taken correctly increases the chance of a pregnancy, if the person has sexual intercourse during that time.

What if I started birth control for one week but stopped because I missed a couple pills could I have gotten pregnant?

Yes, you are supposed to take your birth control for at least a month before having unprotected sex. If you miss even a day or two you should probably use a condom.

You have been taking birth control pills for 7 years now and you accidentally miss one day taking it but you have unprotected sex two days before your period What are the chances of you being pregnant?

about 3%

Can you take two birth control pills on two days back to back?

Yes, and if you've missed pills, that's the appropriate way to make up for the missed ones. But remember to use a back up method of birth control for the next seven days.

Can starting birth control cause two periods in one month?

It's possible that breakthrough bleeding could occur as result of taking birth control pills.