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What if you miss two birth control pills?


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If you take your pills each day, your odds of pregnancy are low. Of 1000 couples using the pill for birth control for a year, three couples will have a pregnancy. However, most people aren't perfect; of 1000 couples using the pill typically for a year, 30 will get pregnant.

After missing a pill, some women will have breakthrough bleeding. Even if you have bleeding or spotting, continue to take the pill as scheduled. Stopping it will only prolong the bleeding and increase your risk of pregnancy. Your next withdrawal bleed may be late or different.

If you forget your pills for two days, follow the instructions below. This is the most current information, found at the "related link":

If you're on a combination pill with 30 or 35 mcg of estrogen:

  • If you missed one or two pills or started the new pack one or two days late, there is no reason to use the morning after pill, and you don't need additional protection against pregnancy.

If you're on a combination pill with 20 mcg of estrogen or less

  • If you missed two or more active pills, or started the pack two days late, or had sex before you had taken seven pills during your very first pack, be sure to take additional steps to prevent pregnancy. Use the morning after pill if you already had sex. Use condoms or abstain from vaginal sex until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days in a row (if you took levnorgestrel emergency contraception) or fourteen days in a row (if you took ulipristal). If you're in the last week (days 15-21) of active pills, don't skip a week (Days 22-28 or use inactive pills), go straight to the new pill packet - again 7 pills in 7 days after levonorgestrel, or 14 pills in 14 days after ullipristal.

If you're on the progesterone-only pill

  • Consider using the morning after pill if you're late with your pill by more than three hours. Use a backup method until you've taken two pills in two days (after levonorgestrel) or 14 pills in 14 days (if you took ullipristal for emergency contraception).

If missed pills are a recurring problem for you, or if it is very important for you to prevent pregnancy, consider changing to one of the highly-effective methods like the implant or IUD, rather than using the mid-level birth control pill.


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If you miss two birth control pills in a month, you increase your risk of unintended pregnancy. Consider changing to another method that will give you better protection.

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Missing any or all of the sugar pills will not affect the effectiveness of your birth control, nor will it affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

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Yes! You can start your period if you miss one!

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No, it will not. It's part of the normal treatment when catching up on missed birth control pills (up to two at a time), or using birth control pills to control irregular uterine bleeding, as well as for emergency contraception.

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Absolutley not! The two things that do are: no sex or condoms. Birth control pills control the births of babies, nothing more.

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