What if you take the birth control pill one hour late?

I have asked this question to my doctor before and she said no, that is not necessary. She told me that taking the pill 4 hours late is when you should be starting to worry, but one hour is ok. If you're like me though, you hate being late at all.

well 1 hr is you do not have to worry.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No.

Combination birth control pills are ideally taken within 4 hours of your designated time. BUT it's best if you take it the same time everyday. DO NOT assume that you can take it 4 hours late because of that. You don't want to take chances if you do not use alternate forms of protection. Missing the pill by one hour for one day will not increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Remember the pill is about 98% effective. and women who do get pregnant on the pill are women who don't take it on time everyday. You can't mess around with your body.

But you are fine, I promise. So relax(:

An hour should not make a difference. Most medications have an hour leeway before and after the "scheduled" time.

Taking the birth control pill an hour late does not increase the risk of pregnancy.


Nothing happens. You are still fine. The insert inside your medication will tell you that too.You are actually still covered if you miss one day of birth control (don't ever do this purposely. I'm using this to prove a point) you are supposed to take your pill at the same general time everyday. This gives you about a 2 hour window. Of course the best way to do it, it the exact same time. But what I'm saying is your body is not going to freak out and not work properly over one hour. The drug is still in your system.

No you'll be fine.

Yes they tell you to take the pill around the same time each day so that you are getting a constant flow of hormones in your body and to also help you remember to take the pills an hour is perfectly fine you are still safe but if you are really worried about it just use a backup method for a week or so , Good Luck and God Bless!!

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  • Yes, I'm sure you'll be fine. Early is better than late. And an hour won't usually matter anyway.
  • As long as you take the pill about the same time everyday, you are protected.

Yes you can use the MAP as a second source but missing your BCP by one hour is not missing your pill.

for 1 hour it doesnt really make a difference, the biggest problem is usually for more than 12. That, however doesnt mean that it is safe to take the pill 12 hours late! So try keep an alarm