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If you throw up that quickly after taking the Birth Control pill, it won't be absorbed and won't be effective.
No it would need to be taken again if you threw up right after taking it. The good news is you are not likely to get pregnant from missing one pill.

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Why would you throw up after taking a birth control shot?

Food poisoning, Norovirus, increased intracranial pressure, seeing something repulsive - there are a million reasons why you might throw up after taking the birth control shot.

What are some ways birth control can be canceled out?

If you throw up or have diarrhea within 2-3 hours after taking it, I believe.If you skip or miss a pill.

Can going off the birth control pill throw your period off?

yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon. yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon.

Could stopping the birth control pill throw you into menopause?

Stopping the birth control pill could unmask the fact that your body was done ovulating, but couldn't cause menopause.

Does drinking alcohol and taking Yaz birth control pills make you nausea?

It makes me sick, even though i may not be drunk. i either feel nausea all night, or i throw up. i dont get it.

When period 6 weeks late why negative ept?

it could be that you are on birth control because sometimes that can throw off a test just keep taking a test once a week for just make a doctors appt.

Why do men take womens birth control pills?

Men usually go throw a session in their life were they are very curious of what women do and usually want to give it a go which may involve taking the birth control pill. Also men think of a lot of random and weird dares for each other at the pub so this could be just male experimentation

Do you have to take the empty birth control packs with you to refill your birth control?


Took 5 birth control pills then 3 day later took 6 still bleeding?

You are taking way too much birth control pills at once, which is not good for your body at all. By taking that many pills at once, it is considered overdosing. By doing so, it will not stop any of our bleeding, however, it will make it worse because you are putting too much hormones in your body at once. The breakthrough bleeding will continue. If you miss more than 3 birth control pills, you must throw that pack of pills away and use a back up method such as condoms, until you start a new pack of pills. You are only suppose to take 1 birth control pill everyday at the same time, this is the only way for birth control to be 99.9% effective. Each pill that you miss you substantially reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

What happens if you take your birth control late?

I'm not a license professional, but it does throw off your hormonal system and it can mess up your menstrual cycle.

What happens if you throw up after taking a pill?

If it is 0-15 minutes after taking it, almost no medicine has been absorbed, so you are free to take another dose. 15-30 minutes after taking it, part of it may have been absorbed so take either half a dose or the full dose. After 30 minutes, most of it should have been absorbed, so continue with your regular dozing schedule.

What if you throw up after taking the birth control pill?

Its possible you could become pregnant because the birth control pill would of in all probability been vomited up. When a situation like this occurs, its advisable to use a back-up method of protection for 7 days when you miss one pill. If you miss 2 + pills due to vomiting these up also then you need to use a condom for 2 weeks. Continue taking birth control as normal. Please not this is merely advise and is not meant to take the place of a medical expert.Were these pills prescribed to you? Consult the prescribing doctor and remember that you should never take someone else's prescription.

Can the birth control pill cause nausea?

yes. It will make you feel nauseous. You would even throw upAny birth control pill can make you feel sick to your stomach, especially when taking it for the first time. Also, if you miss a pill and take two at a time, you can almost guarantee to feel a little queasy. But don't stop taking it! This will pass once your body adjusts. However, if you have been taking any form of birth control for a month or more, and it still makes you feel sick, you may want to ask your doctor because the hormone levels may be causing it..and there could be something else to try.Nausea is a common side effect in the first three months of birth control use. For some women, it helps to take the pill after having something in their stomach, or by taking the pill at bedtime. If the side effect is bothersome or last longer than the first three months, contact your health care provider to discuss a change to a pill with a different hormonal profile.

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How do you throw up food?

You can't control it, its natural. You can't throw up food in your control only if your body can't digest the food.

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If you can throw a baseball 95 mph consistently and move it around the strike zone with control, and can throw a lot of them without losing speed over a given period, say 20 minutes to a half an hour, then yes you can have a pitching career in baseball.

Is the birth control pill effective if you are sick and you throw it up after 15 mins?

No if you throw up the BCP it will not be effective, try again after 24 hours. If you throw up your pill more than 2 days in a row, be sure to use a condom until you have successfully taken 7 pills, in 7 days.

What happens if you take 5 birth control pills at once?

You shouldn't have done that. If you miss more than three (3) days, throw out the pack and start a new one.

How does alcohol affect the use of the birth control pill?

I don't think it does. Unless you throw up because of it less than a few (3?) hours after taking a pill. It will also damage your liver even more (pills are destroying them too - they are eating throuh them very very slowly ,but they pass throuh so..)

Should you throw away your underwear after a yeast infection?

You can either throw it away or boil it in water for several minutes.

What happens if You Take all the white pills before finishing the pink ones and then start a new pack before taking white pills again?

If you are referring to birth control pills, they should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you take the pink and white pills out of order, it can throw off your period and not be as effective in preventing pregnancy.

If you have a first day start pill spot a for a day start your period and then it disappears only to have it start again a week later do you have to throw away your pill pack and start over?

If you just started taking the pill recently, breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding during the weeks that you are on active birth control, is normal. Do not stop taking the pill, keep going, this is normal and should clear up within 3 cycles.

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