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break up with your girlfriend then date her

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Q: What if you want to ask someone out but they already have a girlfriend?
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Related questions

What do you do if you like a girl and she has a boyfriend and want to ask her out?

In brief; if she has a boyfriend, don't ask her out. I am sure you would not like it if someone were to ask your girlfriend out when they knew she was already with someone.

How can you tell if your girlfriend doesn't want to be with you?

You already know she doesn't want to be with you my friend or you wouldn't have to ask.

What do you do if you want someone to be your girlfriend?

U shouldnt be afraid and tell her that you like her and ask her out or ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend but get to now her first

How do you ask someone to be your girlfriend?

Look into her eyes and ask gently "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" or if your too shy for that then give her a not but make sure your the one that gives it to her!

How do you ask you cousins girlfriend out when she has shown she likes you?

Answer- If she is already your cousins girl friend then you can't ask her out, she is already going out with someone, just wait until they break up, or move onto someone else. Your cousin is your family, you will have him forever, but a girlfriend is usually only temporary.

What does it mean to ask someone will they be their valentines?

It means that they want you to be their Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

How do you ask a 11 year old boy out who has a girlfriend?

You don't ask people out if they already are dating someone. Wait until they break up and then ask him out.

When should you ask someone to go out?

To ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should wait until you have got to know them quite well and you think they fanncy you too. When you do ask them, make sure you ask them yourself and when your by yourself with them- their answer will be more likely to be yes. If you already have them as your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to ask them out on a date, wait until you feel comfortable with them and don't describe the date as a date, say something like I'm free on Saturday night, do you want to get to know each other more?'. (: Hope it helped! :)

What should you do when your girlfriend's friend keeps hitting on her?

Calmly remind him of the fact she is already with someone, and ask him to stop.

If someone asks you are you single what does it mean?

If someone says that they are asking if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. This usually means they want to ask you out...

What do you do when you love someone that already has a boyfriend?

You keeping dating, and wait to see if this guy splits up from his girlfriend. If he does, then ask him out.

Should you have your girlfriend do your makeup - I am in a concert and need someone to do my makeup - either my mom of my girlfriend. Is it too weird to ask my girlfriend to do it?

not at all. if you want her to do it, then by all means, go for it!

How do you get a guy to ask you out but you think he might already have a girlfriend?

Sometimes you have to make the first move. start talking to him and get to know him better. if he doesnt mention anything about a girlfriend, then you ask. if he says yes, then just be friends. if he says no, ask him does he want to go somewhere

How do you find out if a guy already has a girlfriend?

ask him, or ask his friends

How do you use this website?

Type what you want to know in the 'ask' bar above. If it's not already answered, you can easily ask it, and soon someone will answer.

How do you ask out a girl to be your girlfriend?

You simply ask them, "do you want to be my girlfriend" the best way you can.

Why do You want A Girlfriend?

you want a girlfriend because you don't wanna be lonely for a long time so you can get a girlfriend and believe me they are easy to find just search around until you find your perfect girl and ask her out and see if you can enjoy a descent relationship with someone

Does she want to be your friend or girlfriend?

The only way to know if someone wants to be your boyfriend or girlfriend is to ask them. People have different ideas of what type of person they want to be in a relationship with. So asking the person directly is the only way to know.

How do you ask someone you like to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

just ask them

How do you ask your girlfriend to move in?

Do you want to move in with

How do you get a girl to be your girlfriend when she is already your friend?

hang out with her more often and then after a few days, ask her to be your girlfriend

How does someone get a hot girlfriend?

ask her out

How do you get a girlfriend named timara?

all you have to do is ask her do you want to be my girlfriend

What do you do if the guy your going out with already has a girl-friend but you just dont want to let him go?

You'll either have to accept being this this guy's 'side piece' or realize that you deserve and can find better with someone else. Ask yourself what's stopping this guy from dumping his girlfriend for you, other than that he doesn't want to?

How do you know if a girl you want to ask out is already going out with someone else and you don't want to sound weird by asking her out?

only one way to find out ..ask her whats the worse that could happen