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Probably an assembly number.

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Q: What if your American double action revolver has 300 stamped under the handle What does this mean?
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Which handguns might be fitted with a mechanical safety?

Double action revolver

What is the value of an American double action revolver serial number 312?

No more than 100 USD

How can you find out the value of a 32 caliber revolver called The American double action?

Blue Book of Gun Values

When was the Victor 38 revolver made?

the 'victor double action' series of revolver were marketed as a direct competitor to Iver Johnson's u.s. revolver co. double action (1910-1935).

What is a double action Ruger speed six?


Is there a double action western revolver?

Well, yes and no. The traditional "Western" revolver, such as a Colt Peacemaker, was a single action. However, the Colt Lightning and the Thunderer were double action. High Standard also made revolvers that were similar in appearance to the Colt Peacemaker, but were double action. And there must be more. The Starr Double Action .44 black powder cap and ball revolver began production in the late 1850s.

Did smith and Wesson make a double action model 547?

Smith and Wessons model 547 revolver is a double action revolver chambered in 9mm.these revolvers were made from 1980-1984.

Who invented the first double action revolver?

Robert Adams (UK) patented a double action only revolver in 1851, i belive this is the first but am not an expert so someone cuold prove me wrong.

What gun company produced the first double action gun?

A good candidate may be the Starr Model 1858. This was a ball and cap revolver. With cartridge firearms, Forehand & Wadsworth made a .32 revolver inn what we would today recognize as a "double action: revolver. However, there were earlier "double action only" pepper box pistols.

Most powerful revolver in red dead redemption?

Double-Action Revoler

Difference between redhawk and Blackhawk ruger?

Redhawk is a double action revolver, as opposed to the single action Blackhawk.

What does a double action revolver mean?

A double action firearm requires you to pull back the hammer before you can fire it.