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Yes, that's in the "morbidly obese" category. A BMI above 25.0 is considered to be overweight, and a BMI above 30.0 is morbidly obese.

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Iโ€™m 5โ€™2โ€ tall why 117 lbs my BMI is 31.5 How does that make me obese?
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Q: What if your BMI is 31 is that bad?
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If you are 11 and your BMI is 18.8 is that bad?

No, don't worry! That's in the healthy BMI range.

Is a BMI of 19 to 22 bad?

Nope, that's a pretty good average healthy bmi

My Friend's BMI is 96 Is that bad?

You see, my friend checked her BMI. it's 96. she was like: this is AWESOME! my BMI is better by 7! She's really fat, so i think it's bad. Is it? Please answer!

What if your bmi 26.75 your age 31 its correct?

The BMI scale relies on length, weight and gender to make sense. Age and a value doesn't say much.

What should a 31 year old female's BMI be at 5ft 2 in?

BMI is weight/(height*height) in kg and metres, a good BMI for adult females is between 20 and 25. You need to work out the weight not the BMI. About 49 to 60 kg or 108 lb to 132 lb.

Is a bmi of 15 to 16 bad?

yes rather underweight

You are 6 feet 2 inches weight 229 and BMI 30 is that bad?

A BMI of 30 is bad, it means you are obese under 18.5 is underweight18.5-24.9 is acceptable25-29.9 is overweightover 30 is obese

How many planes does BMI Flights have?

"Bristish Midlands International or BMI, has 31 planes in its fleet. These numbers may may be higher than the number in service, as three of the planes are still in ordering stage"

Is a BMI of 18 bad?

It is deemed to be just underweight (18.5-24.9 is healthy)

Your weight is 82kg and height is 5.7?

Then your BMI is 29.4, not bad but could do with losing a few.

Is a 21.5 bmi bad for a 12 year old?

Omg I have the same bmi and I'm 12 but ya it's healthy just make sure you're being active not a couch potato!

Why does BMI over estimate the prevalence of obesity in the African-American population?

BMI is a bad form of measurement in general, BMI only uses a persons weight and height, the problem with this is that people have different bone density and muscle strength/size. basically the BMI tells you the weight range you should be at if you never worked out in your life. because anyone who have a little bit of extra muscle would be considered overweight according to the BMI

Is it Bad to be 55 And weigh 140?

Not necessarily. It depends on your sex and Body Mass Index (BMI)

What is the BMI for a 31 year old female 5'2'' tall?

under 18.5 is underweight18.5-24.9 is aceptable25-29.9 is overweightover 30 is obese

What is the ideal BMI using a BMI calculator?

There are different sites to find the ideal BMI using a BMI calculator. Here are some sites:, or also

Would it be bad for a woman 5'3 to weigh 95 pounds?

The BMI scale can help you to establish this. If you search online for a BMI calculator, this will help you to understand how healthy your weight is. I believe the NHS website is a useful source of information for this.

Who invented the Body Mass Index Formula?

A Belgian invented this fomuls in 1835. What is BMI? Often people want to know the Body Mass Index, or BMI. It is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds and a meter is about 39 inches. For example, if you weigh 80 Kg and your height is 1.6 meters (160 cm), then your BMI is 80 / (1.6 x 1.6) = 31. There are lots of web sites with BMI calculators so you just enter your height and weight and it tells you.

What scale is used to calculate bmi?

"A BMI scale is used to calculate BMI or Body Mass Index; additionally, a BMI chart, formula, or a standard BMI calculator may be used to calculate BMI or Body Mass Index as well."

What is bmi for 58 kilos?

to measure your bmi you also need to know your weight as bmi is your body fat based on height and weight. go to this site to mease your bmi

Are you over weight if im 31 years old and i weigh 170 pounds?

depends on how tall you are. Do a net search for "BMI calculator" and find out

Is there a way that you can measure your BMI?

there are many ways to measure bmi. bmi can be measured simply on the computer. go to this site and put in your weight and height and it will give you your bmi.

Is a BMI of 19 skinny?

Yes, a BMI is considered to be quite thin. A healthy BMI ranges from 18 to 24 in females. A BMI < 18 may be associated with anorexia. Yes, a BMI of 19 is considered to be quite thin. A healthy BMI ranges from 18 to 24 in females. A BMI < 18 may be associated with anorexia.

Is a BMI good for you?

a BMI is your body measure identifier. so techneclaly a bmi is not considered "good for you".

What is the average BMI?

There really is no average BMI, although the healthy BMI range is 18.5-24.9, roughly.

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