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text him on his mobile sayin call me bak or nag him the next day, try to sound reallii upset and if you can fake cry dats even betta!

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What if officer forgets to give your license back?

You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly. You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly. You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly.

Boyfriends mom is wanting him back what do you do?

call her and say he'll be back soon he's just popped out to the shops. do this until you want to give him back ;)

How do you deal with a mom who forgets to call?

You go to her house and talk to her

You put a car in your boyfriends name temporarily and he wont give it back what can i do?

you punch him in the face or threaten to dump him or call the cops

Should you call your boyfriends ex girlfriend?


What do Mexicans call your boyfriends cousins?


What do you call a person who forgets a lot?

That would be either forgetful or absentminded.

Do boyfriends like it call them their nickname at school?

I would.

What do you call a girl who likes tools as boyfriends?

A single mechanic.

Should a boyfriend always call you back if you hang up on him?


How do you answer your boyfriends call?

Let it ring a few times, then say hellllooo

You always call him and you try talking but you always have to call him back because he claims hes busy what do you do?

Unfortunately, it sounds like he's giving you the blow-off. The next time he tells you he's too busy to talk to you and tells you to call him back, say, "No, you call me back." If he doesn't call within a few days, you'll have a pretty good idea that he's not interested in talking to you.

Why does my boyfriends ex-girlfriend always call?

To start trouble or maybe he calls her and flirts with her so she calls back thinking he still likes her. could be many things. mybe shes still not over him and shes a crazy b**** or hes still talking to her and seeing her on the side....

Why didn't my boyfriend call me back?

Boys are pretty forgetful when it comes to certain things. He might have simply forgotten that he had to call you. Maybe he was watching T.V., and saw a football game on, and just HAD to watch it. There shouldn't be a cause for concern at all. You should only get the slightest bit suspicious if he ALWAYS forgets. If this is the first time, just cut him some slack. You should try calling him yourself.

What is miley cyrus' boyfriends name in the last song?

her boyfriends name in the last was kabutar and miley cyrus used to call him joker uncle by love

Why do girls call each other girlfriends?

Because if they were boys they would be called boyfriends.

Do Olive and Pepper animal surgeons have boyfriends?

NOPE, still hot and single...... I call one of them!

How do you get your boyfriends psycho ex girlfriend and her brother to stop stalking you?

Say "If you continue to stalk me I'm going to have to call the cops and if I feel as if I need to press charges I will..." Say it calmly... I know that always works for me when people are to say that to me...

Why do girls call their friends girlfriends?

I know it will seem weird to men...but girls call there friends girlfriends because they've been there like there boyfriends have been there for them...also because they kinda are like girlfriends to them....yes i know guys don't call there good friends boyfriends..but they don't want to seem gay....thats why.

When is it good to call an ex boyfriend?

Not all ex-boyfriends are the same. Some are basically good people and good friends who just didn't work out as boyfriends but who could still be friends, so if you call, you still have a friendship. Others have turned out to be the kind of people whom you really don't want to know at all, with unpleasant personalities that make them unsuitable as either boyfriends or as friends, so you wouldn't want to call that kind of ex-boyfriend.

What did Hitler want to take back?

He took back the Rhineland and the Sudetenland. You can call it 'take back' because these two regions had always been part of Germany until 1918.

Why do you call a friend a friend?

i think why you call a friend a friend is because the other person is trustworthy,kind,funny and will always have your back no matter what and will stick up for you.

If guys call girls or Girlfriends shawty what do the girls call the guys or Boyfriends?

You would call them by their names and tell them if they can't show some respect, you'll have to find new friends.

What do you call a girl does have many boyfriends?

i call her a lier, and someone that have no feelings!that also means that she never loved and I'm not sure she will do!LIERS NEVER FALL IN LOVE!

Do you answer the phone or help the customer first?

The customer. If you answer the phone the customer is likely to walk out, if you dont answer the phone they can always call back.

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