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That is completely normal.

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Q: What if your dog is still bleeding 2 weeks after giving birth?
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What if your dog is still bleeding after more than 7 weeks from giving birth?

you take out the needle and threed

What is wrong with dog who is still bleeding 6 weeks after giving birth to a litter of seven puppies?

Nothing is really wrong, actually my dog bled for about 8-9 weeks after giving birth to a litter of eight. I think that if she is still bleeding 9-12 weeks after she should be taken to a vet jus to make sure every thing is alright with her body.

Is it normal for you to be bleeding six weeks after giving birth?

yes it is probably your period.

What if your female dog is still bleeding after more than 3 weeks from giving birth?

Take her to a vet. That does not seem normal and something seriouse could be wrong.

Why is our dog bleeding 4 weeks after giving birth?

It is possible that she has an internal injury, you want to get her to a vet as soon as possible.

Why are you bleeding and cramping and leaking fluid two weeks after giving birth?

This is normal. If you are worried, go and see your doctor or midwife

Your dog gave birth a week ago and she is still bleeding?

It is quite common for a dog that gave birth to continue some bleeding for several weeks. As long as the bleeding is lessening and does not have a foul odor, this is normal.

Is it normal for a dog to still be bleeding three weeks after giving birth to four puppies?

No not at all. Take your Dog into see your Veterinarian immediately. She could have dead pups still left inside of her decaying or retained placentas (after birth) that were not expelled after each birth. You must get her to a Veterinarian or you could lose her.

Boston Terrier still having bloody discharge after giving birth?

That is quite normal for a couple of weeks.

How many weeks before you can get your period back after giving birth?

I have two kids and I am 40 weeks pregnant today! From past experience, my period came on right after I was done bleeding from giving birth. Like within a day or two. Took a few months for it to get back on track, though! Good luck!

How long does pregnancy hormone last in your body after giving birth?

3-4 weeks after giving birth

You had the contracepton injection 2 weeks after giving birth and i was breast feeding does it still work?

As long as you are breastfeeding the baby, you can not get pregnant.

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