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Maybe they have just been really busy with things or something came up in their family or something. Sometimes things can happen that takes up all of your time and you do not even have time to talk to your friends but you still think about them and look forward to talking to them again.

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Q: What if your friend doesnt talk to you like usually?
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How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else that doesnt like her?

All girls are different, but if you want her to like you be nice to her, and talk like you talk with your best friend.

What do you do when you like a boy but not his best friend that introduced you 2?

get a friend that he knows to introduce u and if hes interested he will talk to u if not hes either scared or doesnt like u

What do you do when your friend has a friend you don't like?

You just need to stay away from them if they don't like you cause that's what i do and she doesnt talk to me any more so go head try it

What do you do when the boy you like likes your friend?

What you do is you talk to your friend see if she like him if she doesnt you flirt with him and make him like you if she does like him tell her you like him too and maybe she will back offI liked this boy, who looked perfect with one of my friends and at first i tried getting them together until i realized i liked him, then he acted like he liked my friend, and i was really sad, so if this ever happens just talk to the guy, and get him to tell you if he likes your friend if he does then just try and get over him, if he doesnt like her then try to get him to like you.

Why does your friend talk about sad stories all the time?

my friend doesnt talk about sad stories, why would u even ask that?

Why can you talk to your friend if you are on the moon?

sound doesnt travel through space.

My old friend likes the guy i like and i think he likes me. She doesnt no i like him but i would feel bad if i dated him. What should i do?

sit down and talk about it

How can you tell a guy you like don't like you?

If he doesnt talk to you, takes no notice of you, then he doesnt like you. :(

You like this guy and your not sure if this guy likes you or even knows you what should you do?

go up and talk to him. If he doesnt know you exist show him you do. be his friend and be there for him.

This girl at school doesnt talk at all but to her friends how can I get her to talk to me. I really like her.?

Start by saying hi to her more often, then mabe ask her to do something with you, but remember, you cant force her to be your friend.

You like this guy who you know doesnt like you back you really LOVE to talk to him but you dont want to bother him What do you do There is absolutely nobody else you could think of to be inter?

just talk to him become his friend so that way maby one day he will love or like u to so become his friend

What if the boy i like doesnt talk to me?

just talk to him he will listenwell here is the deal, i like a guy well i just got off the phone with him a while ago.... he knows i like him but he doesnt like me back. but i guees YOUR problem is that you like someone but he doesnt even talk to you that's a problelm. try asking for his number if your scared to ask a friend whos friends with him and ask him to get the number for you... (this is wat i did just he didnt talk to me he just didnt know me) and start txtn and/or calliing him..then talk to him at school. if he is popular and thinks its "too cool" to hang with you then just txt him or call him and say do you even like me? like as a friend? if he says yes as a FRIEND then l8r on like 4 weeks when he has gotten to know you better ask him out....if this doesnt work out or you wanna share what happened please contact to my email at and if you want more stories cz i have a lot of LOVE stories!! enjoy