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Q: What if your period is only couple days late And you have felt nausea for a week But your PMS cramping And as of the day you were suppose to start your pregnancy test was neg Could you be pregnant?
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Can cramping and having lower back pain a couple weeks after your period be a sign of pregnancy?

It's actually very confusing. It can be a sign of being pregnant.. it can also be that you are ovulating.. or that you have a urinary tract infection.

If you missed youre period by 6 days and have been cramping for a week or two are you pregnant?

If you had sex a couple of weeks prior to your period being due, then it's possible. Get a home pregnancy test and verify.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have your period a couple of days early for a couple of months and get a negative pregnancy result and still be pregnant?

It is possible to have a small amount of bleeding each month and still be pregnant, but it would be unusual to have that combined with negative pregnancy tests as well. I'd say you wouldn't be pregnant.

Is cramping and spotting 4 days before your period a sign of pregnancy?

it might be implantation bleeding. wait a couple days and take an at home test.

I have a lot of cramping and lower back pain today. My period is 1 week late but two pregnancy tests have come back negative. Could I be pregnant?

Maybe so, some women can take pregnancy tests and show up negative , and still be pregnant. If still don't get a period in a couple of weeks, then go see a ob Dr. they could find out if your pregnant thru a blood test. Hope this helps.

How often is it that a man gets his wife pregnant on the honeymoon?

This phenomena is much more common than you may think. It is usual for the couple to come for termination of the pregnancy. It is advisable to continue the pregnancy. The couple can delay the second pregnancy. At times you terminate the first pregnancy and then the patient does not conceive later on.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms couple days after intercourse?

No it takes about 3 days to get pregnant and then it takes even longer to get symptoms.

What are the signs of being pregnant while on the Nuva Ring?

If you're pregnant on NuvaRing, you'll have a positive pregnancy test. You will miss your period for a couple of months in a row.

If you have Period cramps but no period is this a sign of pregnancy?

its very normal. a couple off my friends who are/were pregnant had that happen to them . Or it might be ovulation (an egg being released) which often results in cramping, or that your period is going to arrive soon, butt remember if your stressing about it (cause you think your pregnant or anything) stress makes your period not come. So try an relax(:

Can you feel cramping within the first week of pregnancy when your period of not due for a couple of weeks?

Yes. I am pregnant and I had back cramping my first week. Scientists will say "it's not possible", but it is. I had other symptoms as well, like lightheadedness, slight nausea and being tired. It is getting more intense now that I have officially missed a period, but it all started around the time I would have been ovulating, two weeks before my period, a couple days after intercourse.

If a girl is a couple of weeks pregnant and she gets a pregnancy shot will she lose the baby?

No, the shot prevent ovulation. They usually give you a pregnancy test though. At least they do here.

Could i still be pregnant if i had 1 positive home pregnancy test and 3 negative home pregnancy test?

You may have just caught the pregnancy really early. test again in a couple days.

Can you take a pregnancy test if your only 3 weeks pregnant or should you wait a couple of weeks?

You can take the test now.

When do your breasts start to get tender when your pregnant?

Your breasts will start to get sore a couple of days after conception, its a very early sign of pregnancy.

If you had your period two days after sex could you still be pregnant?

yes, actually you can have your period in your first couple of months of your pregnancy.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy but have not missed a period can you still be pregnant?

It's possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant.

I have had brown mucus blood for the past couple of days but its not my period is this normal could i be pregnant?

If it is when your period is meant to be, take a pregnancy test. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What lead to the increasing of teen pregnancy?

The simple answer is - unprotected sex ! Couple that with a "I don't care if I get pregnant" attitude that most teenagers seem to have these days - and you have the perfect circumstances for teen pregnancy !

How long after sex will a woman notice she might be pregnant?

It usually takes several weeks or even a couple of months until a woman is sure she is pregnant unless she takes a pregnancy test. Many of the signs can have other reasons than pregnancy.

If you have been cramping the last couple of days but don't know when you ovulate but are trying to get pregnant could this be an early sign of pregnancy or is it a sign of ovulation?

Ovulation occurs about 14 days after the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Basically, you have a time frame of 10-17 days after your LMP for ovulation, because some people are not always regular. Technically, cramping can be a sign of either. Early in pregnancy, cramping may occur with implantation, but this cramping should go away. If it doesn't a doctor will need to evaluate it. Cramping can occur with ovulation and also as PMS or during your period. If you miss your next MP, or are late, you can take a pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant. Until then, if you are trying to get pregnant, you can keep "trying," just in case you haven't conceived yet. Remember, it can take up to 3 days after intercourse before conception and implantation may occur, as sperm can "live" inside the female body for up to 72 hours before ever reaching an egg. After that time, the sperm will die off if it has not fertilized an egg.

Your period has been late a couple of days and then you missed a whole month and then it came the next could you be pregnant?

take a pregnancy test

I took a pregnancy test twice and it came out negative but i haven't had a period in 4 weeks am i pregnant?

If the pregnancy test came out negative, then chances are, you aren't pregnant. Pregnancy tests are very acurate. You may also be missing your period because of stress or you worrying to much about he fact of being pregnant. If you are still worried about being pregnant wait another couple of weeks, and take another pregnancy test. Hope everything turns out as planned.

What if your between 4 and 5 week the last couple days have lost all sensitivity to breasts and no frequent urination could you have lost baby with no cramping and bleeding just lost pregnancy symptom?

You could just be getting use to being pregnant. Talk to your doctor immedieatly in case you might lose the baby.

She had missed her period and then about a week later i put it in her a couple of times without condomand she still hasn't had her period. can she be pregnant?

In brief, yes she can be pregnant. Anytime you have unprotected sex, there is the possibility of pregnancy.

Can pregnancy symptoms start as early as the fourth day after conception?

Pregnancy symptoms do not start as early as the fourth day after conception. If a couple is trying to conceive or a woman is worried about getting pregnant pseudo pregnancy symptoms can occur at anytime.