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Are you in a relationship? If so, then it will be strained. Don't even worry about it. If you are in a relationship that is healthy enough to work through the strains, then you are in a good and healthy partnership.


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US involvement into Mexican internal affairs strained the relationship between the countries.

Yes, it can be an adjective for each of its alternate meanings: - put under strain, or injured by accident or overuse (strained back, strained muscles) - metaphorically tense (a strained relationship) - with solids removed or sieved (strained baby food)

Hera had a very strained relationship with her husband.

Because any relationship is strained when one party is on their period.

a strong-minded teenager whose relationship with his mother was strained by grief, he felt the heavy weight of taking over his father's place after he died

its a difficult and awkward relationship. sometimes its a relationship where affection isn't expressed often

No. Their relationship has been strained for years.

Many features of the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain existed. One of the strongest points of contention was the colonies resistance to paying taxes to Britain without proper representation.

strained hamstrings are caused when a hamstring is strained

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a recent event that strained the friendship of France and the US. This series of conflicts created mistrust between the French and American people.

Langston Hughes' relationship with his father was very strained. Hughes did talk his father into paying for a year to Columbia University.

He strained to read the small-print.Our resources are very strained right now.The chef strained the water out of the pasta.

pakistan have shared good relations to most of countries but have strained relationship with india..

If you dream your husband does not want to be intimate with you, then it means that you are having a strained relationship.

One feature of the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain had to do with international trade. More specifically, it was the increasing desire of Americans to expand trade opportunities to include countries other than Britain.

Strained. British ruled from afar without much thought except for profit.

The relationship between Britain and British North America was mostly strained. British North America was bitter about the taxes it had to pay to Britain.

Mildred and Montag almost have no relationship. Their lives are so very different, especially after Montag meets Clarisse, that there's no hope of reconciliation or even communication among the two of them. Their relationship appears strained, or with no affection.

General Robert E. Lee did not speak much of his childhood. He supposedly had a strained relationship with his father.

The French had a leftist - Communist political view after WW2 which strained US relations

Here are two sentences using the word strained: The chef strained the spaghetti using a stainless steel colander. The relations between the two countries have been strained for years.

Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X had a strained relationship. Ali turned his back on Malcolm, and he regrets that he wasn't able to say he was sorry. Malcolm X died in 1965.

growing desire of americans to trade with other nations in addition to britan

three people arguing at each-other about the crisis the country is in. This relationship is especially strained if the two leaders are related to each other.

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