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There isn't a vagina too small. Men crave for something that makes a tight fit.


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Your vagina is not too small , it has got to fit a baby's head out of it. if you haven't had sex much , it may feel 'tight' but it is not too small, you can make this more comfortable by foreplay or sex

do colon cancer call vagina to get small

No, small vagina does not lead to less sexual satisfaction. Vagina usually gets wider by arousal. Also a small vagina may feel pleasurably 'tight'.

its a normal to have a pimple in my vagina?

Answer If the doctors fixed the problem with your Vagina and the new bf finds it still too loose maybe he's too small for the job at hand.

Do some stroking of the clitoris with your erect penis for some minutes to allow the vagina start to wimper then gently insert the penis softly caressing the closer parts of the vagina then give it a hard stroke in. She will hush then feel your penis.

yes he has a small vagina

Yes, even a small vagina can fit a baby. He might not be able to go all in but that is normal.

No, there is no possible way for a female with a small vagina hole able to give birth. Sike i joke i joke. yes you can because they vagina is a muscle and its able to expand dummy

A good lubricant can be very be helpful if the size difference is not too much. Of course, it is easier if the female is sexually aroused. Partial penetration until the vagina can accommodate the large penis may be necessary.

Just put it in. Why would you wanna put money in a vagina?

No. they are different. Hole for urine is placed anterior to vagina and is very small.

I think you mean the clitoris.

The human body is remarkably adaptable and with sufficient lubrication this should not be a problem

Urination (pissing) does not occur through the vagina. Urine passes through the urethra, a small opening in front of the vagina.

Hell yes a womans vagina can be too large for a man, more than likely from large women. If she weighs way to much then you have to penetrate so much fat before vagina.

There is really no size of vagina....A vagina is a one size fits all sexual organ the vagina will accommodate any penis size. If the vagina is too lose by doing kegels should tighten the muscles.

Well, a hymen is usually a small fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance to the vagina of a virgin that makes the vagina look smaller (contracted). As much as it is right outside the vagina, it is not a specific thing that you can point out. The only way to find out is when the opening is too tight as compared to someone who isn't a virgin.

Yes, they do... Their vagina will be small in size with small black hair just started to grow but some girls really have big vagina...OMG

Yes, it is possible for a yeast infection to cause a small bump in the vagina, but don't assume this is the explanation for anything unusual in your vagina or vulva. Go get checked out by your doctor, especially if you have been sexually active at all.

The average vagina size of any person, regardless of age, depends on the person. Some people may have a large vagina, others may have a small vagina.

i have several pea like lumps on the outside of the lips of my vagina i have had then for several years

Yeah just normal make it fit stretch the vagina dont try to hard

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