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theyre toes were webbed

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How did the Russian revolutioin affect World War 2?

The Russian Revolution took place in 1917, well before WW2. It did, however, greatly impact WW1. The Russian Revolution took Russia out of the war, seeing as how it was facing its own problems, which gave the Germans more manpower to concentrate towards the West in order to counter the Allies. Russia's withdrawal from the war gave Germany a great advantage.

What was the reason for Russian withdrawal from World War 1?

In November 1917, a revolution broke out in Russia and Russia became a communist country, Lenin sighed a armistice with Germany and withdrew from the First World War.

What event led to the Russian withdrawal from World War I in 1917?

The October or Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 is the event that ultimately led to the Russian withdrawal from World War 1. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918 was the formal end to Russia's involvement.

How did the Russian withdrawal help the Germans?

I am assuming you mean the surrender of Russia in World War I. In WWI, the Russian Empire was at war with Germany. When the Red Russians took over, the new government surrendered to Germany in order to devote more resources to building their new nation. The primary benefit of the withdrawal of Russia to Germany was the elimination of an entire front, allowing Germany to concentrate more on its Western enemies. As part of the treaty (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk--), however, Germany also gained much territory (with its population, natural resources, etc.)

What happened with Russian in World War 2?

what happened Germany and allies and Japaneses and Russian in world war 2

Why did Russia withdraw from the First World War and how did that affect Germany?

Answer to 1st Q: because of the Russian Revolution. 2nd Q: the withdrawal of the Russians offered new hope for a successful end to the war. Germany was now free to concentrate entirely on the western front.

How did Russian withdrawal affect German strategy in World War 1?

It Aloud Them To Move More Troupes From The Russian Border To The Western Border To Fight UK And France.

What did the Russian Revolution have to do with the US entering World War 1?

Nothing. The US entry into World War I was contemporaneous (at the same time) as the Russian Revolution but the the two events were not influenced by each other. The Russian Revolution led to the Russian withdrawal from World War I and meant that the Second Reich (Germany) could move a much larger share of its military to the Western Front. If the US had not joined the war at this point, the Germans would likely have overwhelmed the French and the British.

What were the effects of the Russian Revolution?

The effects of the Russian revolution were:IMPACT ON RUSSIAend of an autocratic ruleestablishment of a socialist governmenteducational reformsindustrial growth and economic developmentwithdrawal of Russia from the World Waremergence of Russia as a major power of worldequal rights to all nationalitiesIMPACT ON WORLDspread of communism in the whole worldincreasing global tensionsblow to imperialism; boost to freedom movementsdivision of world into two factions: communist and capitalisteventual formation of the Soviet Union

Who ran Germany after world war 2?

Germany was divided into four sectors: British, French, American, and Russian.

What impact did Hitler's death and World War 2 have on Germany?

After World War 2 and Hitler's death, Germany was partitioned into West Germany and East Germany. East Germany had a communist government.

What was happening in the world in 1918?

end of ww1 Russian civil war Hyperinflation in Germany Russian Tsar was assassinated most nations were recovering from world war one

What if the Russian lost World War 2?

Then the US would have had to use the A bomb on Germany

Russian allies World War 1?

Russia fought against Germany, as did France and Britain.

How did World War I impact the Russian economy?

Russia was hit hard. They experienced economic downturn, and poverty.

What impact did World War 1 have on Germany?

It bankrupted the country and placed it into political turmoil.

How did Lenin's overthrow of the Russian government affect the course of World War 1?

The greatest impact it had was it removed Russia from the fighting. Germany had been fighting Russia in the east while fighting France and the UK in the west. By eliminating Russia, Germany could concentrate her armies against France and the UK.

What was the economic impact of world war 1 in Germany?

After World War I, Germany had to take sole responsibility for the war; they were responsible for paying all the damages related to the war.

How did World War 1 impact the Russian Revolution?

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What were the main objectives of the Russian revolution?

The main objectives of the Russian Revolutionaries were:(i) To secure peace and withdrawal of Russia from the First World War.(ii) Transfer land be transferred to the tiller.(iii) Give control of industry to the workers.(iv) Give equal status to non-Russian nationalities.

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