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Q: What impact did the mongols have on the world?
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What is the impact of the mongols on the crusades?


Where did the mongols conquer?

somewhere in the world

How Mongols impact on Arabia?

The Mongols invaded and ravaged parts of the Arab world in the 13th century, leading to the destruction of cities like Baghdad. This event marked the end of the Abbasid Caliphate and caused widespread devastation and loss of life in the region. The Mongol presence in Arabia left a lasting impact on the political landscape and resulted in a significant shift in power dynamics.

Did the mongols rule over russia directley?

No, There were many russian republics / countries that were north and west of the Mongols, but they had a big impact because the Russians couldn't expand east due to the power of the Mongols

How did the Mongols conquest of China impact Confucianism during the Yuan dynasty?

Confucianism lost all official support.

What was the mongols impact on china?

the mongols conquered china and created a new dynasty that tried to conquer Japan and began trading with the rest of asia.they destroyed ancient irrigation systems and even they adopted aspects of the culture of the people they ruled.

What was the second most powerful imperial empire in the world?


What is the place of Genghis khan and mongols in the world history?


Who were the most barbaric Vikings Goths Mongols or Huns?

vikings mongols brought peace to the world also brought different trypes of people together...

What is a list of tropical rainforests?

A list of tropical rainforest's is a list of all the tropical rainforest's in the world

Where do the mongols live?

The Mongols lived in many parts of China, and now live in Laos and Vietnam.Of course though, Mongols were nomads and were briefly scattered thoughout the world

Are there still mongols?

Yes there are Mongols , people living in Mongolia are mongols.