What impact do the media have on public opinion?

Unfortunately, the media seem to have quite a large impact on the gullible public that watch/listen to them each day. The media will insist that they are reporting the truth to the public, when they are more likely stating their own opinions to the public. Dan Rather admitted that very thing just before he left the network. I personally watch/listen to Fox News, but I know that they do have some minor bias to their reporting. I just happen to agree with some of that bias. I was watching them report Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, then I turned to some other networks for awhile. Then later, I was able to say that I had seen things on Fox News that were being questioned on the other networks! I saw some of the shooting and the looting in New Orleans that another network said did not happen! There were many people who refused to believe me when I told them that I actually saw live action news of the sniper shooting people who were trying to get help! I actually saw people standing near an Interstate exit on a piece of concrete that dropped into the water, killing nearly all the people involved, and more. Fox News was practically everywhere in New Orleans during the crisis, and they were filming the victims as well as the trouble-makers. (Just about as good as taking names!) Whether we like it or not, and I really hate it, the media do make an impact on the public's opinion of an event. I would really like for more people to try watching/listening to Fox News. I really believe they are the most likely news reporting agency to provide you with a live-action film showing the events to you when they happen and exactly how they happen! You will be able to do as I did, which is to say, you can see the news film clip that shows exactly what happened, who was involved, what they did or failed to do. See for yourself--judge for yourself!