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What impact does the air conditioning have on the world?

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Air conditioning allowed people in hot climates to be more productive. It allowed them to work in occupations that would be dangerous from the heat. Air conditioning added the element of safety to hot occupations.

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You won't have air conditioning.You won't have air conditioning.

Is there air conditioning in New Jersey apartments?

Most, but not all, New Jersey apartments have air conditioning. In fact, most apartments anywhere in the USA have air conditioning, but in other parts of the world the percentage is much lower.

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drf air conditioning

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Typically an air conditioning or HVAC engineer will the deal with the installation, maintenance and servicing of air conditioning units

Why does my Air conditioning get cold on civic?

because that's what air conditioning does. it cools the air.

How do you spell air conditioning?

That is the correct spelling of the term "air conditioning" (air cooling).

Where can I see reviews of air conditioning contractors?

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program offers online reviews of air conditioning contractors. Many air conditioning contractor websites also have review pages.

What organizations license air conditioning contractors?

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is the largest air conditioning contractor in the United States. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is also another organization that licenses air conditioning contractors.

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The life span and overall maintenance of the air conditioning clutch can have a lot of impact on the life and efficiency of the vehicle's entire air conditioning system. It is important to understand how to inspect and change your vehicle's air conditioning clutch.. So i suggest you ask some advice from professionals or go to the nearest center that offers 24/7 Air con emergency services.

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how about instead of asking us, Do your own home work! have a super sparkly day :)

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there has always been air conditioning, just not in the condition i want it.

When was Friedrich Air Conditioning created?

Friedrich Air Conditioning was created in 1883.

Where is the ac port on Chrysler pacifica?

The air conditioning port can be found on the top and the bottom of the air conditioning compressor. There are two air conditioning ports.

Where can I find information about automobile air conditioning?

You can find information about automobile air conditioning at any auto store. You can also go online and search under air conditioning to find the information about automobile air conditioning.

Was there air conditioning in World War 1?

No, that got invented in like the 1940s.

Where is the air conditioning service port on a 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero?

You can find the 1993 Mitsubishi air conditioning service port on top of the air conditioning compressor. The air conditioning service port will be labeled as the low pressure port.

Do air conditioners cause air pollution?

Yes. Global warming around the world is actually blamed by 50% air conditioning.

How do you recharge the air conditioning of my 97 Nissan Sentra?

How do you recharge the air conditioning of my 97 Nissan Sentra How do you recharge the air conditioning of my 97 Nissan Sentra

Where can I get air conditioning service?

There are many options in Portland for air conditioning repair. You can go to AAA Heating & Cooling, Inc or to Mac's Radiator & Air Conditioning.

What does air conditioning do?

Air conditioning reduces the temperature and humidity of air in buildings. Air conditioning systems are commonly used in large commercial or institutional buildings to maintain a constant environment.

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The air comes from the air outside and the air conditioning system in the car turns this into cold or warm air.

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There is no such thing as Air Conditioning coolant.