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Q: What impact has multimedia had on business?
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The meaning of Immersive multimedia in business?

Immersive multimedia in business mean the combination of multimedia(,video,graphics,animation,interactivity and text)in business.

What do Multimedia technology specialists do?

multimedia assignment in technology & business & games

Application areas of multimedia system?

1.multimedia in business 2.multimedia in school/colleges 3.multimedia in home 4.multimedia in public place 5.multimedia in virtual realities

What is a business multimedia system?

a business multimedia system includes equipment, programs, and people organized for the purposes of communication, data storage and retrieval systems (multimedia databases and electronic filing systems),

4 disadvantages of using multimedia communication in a business?


How business uses multimedia to enhance its site?


What is the impact of multimedia on youth?

Multimedia has had a major impact on the youth of today. Multimedia has decreased the amount of outdoor activities that children have taken part in and increased the level of television, video games, and computer activities children are now spending their time enjoying.

What impact has the multimedia had on daily lives?

increased the speed of decision-making

How is multimedia used in business?

Adam Riley smells of sausages!....

What are the examples of multimedia in business?

mobile, computer, internet, newspaper, projectors.

What is the impact of business on the environment?

The impact of business on the environment depends on the nature of the particular business and on the standards of the place where the business is located.

What is difference between a multimedia computer and a business computer?

A multimedia computer is a computer that handles things like sound and video animation - truly optimized for high performance. A business computer handles business applications such of budgeting, payroll and appointment books.

Examples of immersive multimedia in business?

Immersive multimedia uses technology to make computer-generated simulations or virtual reality settings. Examples of the interactive technology in business include presentations and advertising. The Audi MMI and the Toyota Driving Simulator are immersive multimedia used by car companies.

How does competition environment have an impact on a business?

How does competition environment have an impact on a business? check it on Google

What component in the smartphone has the most impact on the smartphone multimedia web and gaming performance?

Mobile processor

What are the different forms that multimedia comes in?

If you define Multimedia as a combination of sound, vision, movement, colour then anything like cartoons, films, audio visual presentations in business meetings could be called forms of multimedia

What is the impact of effective business communication to managerial performance?

What is the impact of effective business communication on managerial performance

What are the negative impacts of business?

negative impact of internet on business

What are contemporary socio-economic issues that impact on business?

the impact of contemporary socio-economic issues on the business enviroment

What amendments to the Bill of Rights are of most impact to business?

What amendments to the Bill of Rights have had the most impact on business? What would business life be like without them?

Where you can use multimedia in business and give the example?

Mostly organizations opt PowerPoint presentation to explain their current or future strategies about business, etc.....

What is impact of technology on business?


What is the impact of IT and ict?

The future of business.

What is the diffenrence between hyper multimedia to multimedia?

1. Define the common term in multimedia such as multimedia, interactive multimedia and hypermedia.

Impact of crime in a business?

If your business is located where the crime rate is high your business will be affected

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