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Q: What important contributions did John of Damascus?
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When was John of Damascus born?

John of Damascus was born in 645.

When did John of Damascus die?

John of Damascus died on 749-12-04.

When was John of Damascus - poem - created?

John of Damascus - poem - was created in 1859.

Why is damascus important?

Damascus is the capital of Syria. It is also recognized as the oldest city in the world.

What make Damascus an important city?

What makes Damascus an important city is that it is the capital and that it was founded as a trading center more than 5,000 years ago.

Why was the Damascus sword an important achievement?

Because the high artistic level. The Damascus swords were made in all Islamic countries and India and all with the design were called Damascus swords.

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John Milton was an English author in the 1600's. He is most famous for "Paradise Lost", but wrote many poems and stories to enchant the reader.

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