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I want to know everything historical that has happened from 1997 to 2009

A lot.

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Q: What important historical events happened between 1993 through 2008?
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What important historical events happened between 1995 through 2009?

Michael Jackson king of pop sadly died because of an addiction to drugs.

What important historical events happened in Walt Disney lifetime that dont involve Walt Disney?

walt disney lived through life by giving little kids mustache rides. that was the first ride in disneyland. word

Through 1814 and1817 what important event happened?

the war went on no one knows what war it was

Why the historical context and literary context are so important to understand in properly interpreting the epistles?

It is important to understand the historical context of the epistles because it explains what the authors including Paul was discussing and had been through before writing their epistles. It is also important to understand the literary context so you know what points should be emphasized.

What Historical events happened during rose wilder lane's life?

First off, she lived through WWI (world war one). That's all for now!

Why did Jesus go to India?

There is no historical evidence that that ever happened, other than through His followers. It's as unsupported as saying Jesus manifested Himself to the Americas to start mormonism.

How many people made their way through Cumberland National Historical Park in 1775 and 1810?

About 300,000 people between 1775 and 1810.

What important event has happened in the last decade in India?

The rise of India in the last decade to a major world financial power is extremely important. Much of this has come about through outsourcing.

This house believes that conservation of historical sites is a waste of money?

This house believes that conservation of historical sites is a waste of money Points for: -Hardly anyone visits historical sites in the modern age -historical sites can be viewed from pictorial sources -more space is needed for the growing of crops and trees -After all information is gathered, the historical site has no use -The land can be sold to make a profit for the government Points against: -historical sites provide stories to our past, these links allow us to establish a sense of orientation about our place in time. -we can learn from the past,and through preservation of historical sites, can continue to benefit from the accomplishment of our ancestors. -historical sites are important elements in the flow of our culture through time -historical sites are studied to tell us about the use of materials and creative solutions in everyday life -historical sites are important for our future. These resources need protection .We cannot afford to lose physical materials, ideas, skills and knowledge of our past.

What happened to the flag from fort mchenry after the battle of 1814?

The soldiers and their families cut off pieces of it and then it was passed down through the generations until a historical society got hold of it and they are now in the process of restoring it.

Why is exodus important?

It describes a covenant between God and his people. This covenant was renewed through the coming of Jesus.

What happened through the time period of 1914 -1918?

World War I or "The Great War" occurred between 1914-1918

What happened to Ottoman territory in the Middle East after World War 1?

It was divided between Britain and France through the mandate system.

What are some important events that happened in the roman goddess Juno's life?

she was told to watch a motor bike by percy jackson and so she through a strawberry at him

What genre is Pandora of Athens 399 bc?

its an historical fiction. because their were girls who went through what she went through, but the characters in Pandora Of Athens are fake. so it must be an historical fiction. :p

What is the difference between the word through and the word through?

Thru is a very modern shortened version of through> and means the same thing. However, in formal writing such as papers and important letters, "through" should always be used.

Important events that happened in the past?

Important is a relative term, it means different things to different people. For me, one of the most important events in human history was the development of writing and written language. It "happened" in many places in the world at various times. It was the basic tool that enabled people to spread knowledge and pass knowledge down through history.

What are some historical issues about the Amazon River?

To get to the point, some historical issues the Amazon River hes been going through include

What historicle events happened between November 30 1835 through April 21 1910?

Mark Twain was born and Mark Twain dies

Why is jackie Chan important to china?

Jackie Chan is important to China because he actively promotes Chinese culture through his films. He promotes good relationships between East and West both through sponsoring cultural activities and exchange programs such as the Booey Lehoo event with Will-I-am, and through actively promoting business ties between East and West in the film industry.

Did anything historical happen during through 1959?

Alaska became a state.

When did Battle Through Time happen?

Battle Through Time happened in 1984.

What happened when titanic hit an iceberg?

False newspaper articles reported that she had a 300-ft gash in her side but that never happened. The ice didn't bust through, the impact popped the rivets between the plates and the water breached thru.

What do cartographers use to make maps?

Compasses and GPS devices are some of the most important tools. They help cartographers establish a better view of the area while providing accurate directions. Paperwork and historical resources also establish more information about surroundings through details such as mining charts or historical floods.

What happened November 2?

Many things happened on many November 2nd's through the years.