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I want to know everything historical that has happened from 1997 to 2009

A lot.

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Q: What important historical events happened between 1993 through 2008?
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What important historical events happened between 1995 through 2009?

Michael Jackson king of pop sadly died because of an addiction to drugs.

What important historical events happened in Walt Disney lifetime that dont involve Walt Disney?

walt disney lived through life by giving little kids mustache rides. that was the first ride in disneyland. word

Through 1814 and1817 what important event happened?

the war went on no one knows what war it was

What Historical events happened during rose wilder lane's life?

First off, she lived through WWI (world war one). That's all for now!

Why the historical context and literary context are so important to understand in properly interpreting the epistles?

It is important to understand the historical context of the epistles because it explains what the authors including Paul was discussing and had been through before writing their epistles. It is also important to understand the literary context so you know what points should be emphasized.

Why did Jesus go to India?

There is no historical evidence that that ever happened, other than through His followers. It's as unsupported as saying Jesus manifested Himself to the Americas to start mormonism.

How many people made their way through Cumberland National Historical Park in 1775 and 1810?

About 300,000 people between 1775 and 1810.

What important event has happened in the last decade in India?

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What happened to the ottoman territory in the middle east after World War 1?

It was divided between Britain and France through the mandate system.

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