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They had to adapt to the conditions of the place that they moved to, because they were nomadic at the time.

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the skills that people of the old stone age used to find food is that they hunted by watering hole's animal may have been wounded by spears and then lured into hidden pits and killed. Some evidence suggest that hunters would herd animals until they were forced over bluffs, falling to their deaths.

to gather food they had to observe many things so that they discover a new and easy way to find food ....... they observed plants and animals and became farmers and herders

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to find food and to follow there food as it moved....

I really don't know how the stone age people made their tools that is why i came here. i thought i would find out!!!!! sticks stones feathers

The most important skills of the earliest humans was to think a problem or situation through, find solutions and work jointly to accomplish a goal. People make discoveries and invent things, and this knowledge is passed on and built upon.

Stone age people live in caves. They sometimes use the animal's bones, sticks or stones to make a hut. Stone age people use the animals fur or other remainders to make clothes or everyday household.

The new stone age people grew crops and hunted for meat with weapons. The girls gathered food.

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