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Alexander Hamilton

What important thing did Alexander Hamilton do?


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He was the main founder of the federalist bank. (:


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he was a founding father and a federalist

Alexander Hamilton was excited about the idea of incorporating an electoral college. He was quoted as saying it was the best thing since canned beer.

Alexander Hamilton was instrumental in calling for the ratification of the United States Constitution as well as in the proceedings of the ratification. These proceedings were the Constitutional Convention.

benjamin franklin , alexander hamilton

Alexander hamilton was a conservative

Alexander Hamilton was to believed in war

Alexander Hamilton had Zero siblings named Carntey mills

Alexander Hamilton served under General Washington during Revalutionary War,that's how George Washington knows him:)

Alexander Hamilton, definitely. Yes. Alexander Hamilton. He's the guy. Alexander Hamilton...

It was Hamilton who opened the door to foreign trade and it was Hamilton who pushed for the first full time, federally funded army.

Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill.

Alexander Hamilton Bridge was created in 1963.

Alexander Hamilton House was created in 1814.

Alexander Macdonald Hamilton was born in 1925.

Alexander Hamilton Church died in 1936.

Alexander Hamilton Church was born in 1866.

George Alexander Hamilton was born in 1802.

George Alexander Hamilton died in 1871.

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Alexander Hamilton was never a US president..

Alexander Hamilton did not purchase territory from Spain.

James A. Hamilton, the fourth son of Scottish laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange, Ayrshire.

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