Abigail Adams

What important things did Abigail Adams do?


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She helped both boys and girls have a formal education, helped her husband John Adams as president, and was against slavery.

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the things that were imprtant to john adams were the delcaration of independence and his family (kids and wife abigail adams)

Why was Abigail Adams so important or famous

Abigail Adams was important because she was the 1st lady to live in the White House.

Abigail Adam's LettersAbigail Adams is famous for encouraging womens' rights and sending her letters. Her letters were very important at that time.

Abigail Adams was important during the Revolutionary War because she encouraged women to help the men during the war.

I don't know why are you asking me

Abigail Adams has influenced much things to her husband John Adams. She wrote letters to him explaining her ideas and what she thinks should be fixed. John Adams ask for her beliefs in things many times.

Abigail Adams was an important part of America because she wanted women to have rights. She never got to see the day but she wanted it.

Before Abigail Adams was married to John Adams her name was Abigail Smith Adams.

Abigail Adams was a catholic

Abigail Adams mother was Mug Adams. She loved to drink and then died when Abigail was 3 she was mug Adams

Abigail Adams had an impact on John Adams her husband

no Abigail Adams was not in the WAR

what was abigail adams weakness

Abigail Adams was for the American patriots!

What are Abigail Adams beliefs

Abigail Smith Adams had six children -Abigail Adams -John Quincy Adams - Susanna Adams - Charles Adams - Thomas Adams - Elizbeth Adams who was stillborn.

Abigail Adams was buried next to her husband John Adams.

Abigail Adams died before her husband.

Several excellent biographies of Abigail Adams have been published in the last few years. You should look them up. Go to amazon.com, search under books and type in her name.

Abigail Adams was an important person during the war. She interviewed females who were suspected of being sympathetic to the British.

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Abbigail Adams was John Adams wife/first lady. She was the second first lady. Her and John Adams had five children, twoof which were named after her. She also helped influence her husband on many important desisions concerning the government. She was the oldest of her brothers and sisters. After Abigail andJohn gpt married they moved to the neighbooring house to which John Quincy Adams grew up/

Abigail Adams hometown was Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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