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What in a word you find a suffix?

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One example of a suffix is agoraphobia. Agora being the stem or prefix, while phobia is the suffix.

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Remove the prefix and the suffix, as it is usually the middle of the word.

i need to find a suffix ending with the word energy

The suffix of the word unavoidable is able. This is because the suffix of a word is the ending of that word.

The suffix is -or. This suffix is comparative.

A suffix comes at the end of a word. To find a suffix you need to be able to recognise the base/root base word is kind, another form of kind is kindly. -ly has been added to kind to make kindly so -ly is a suffix.soft -- softness ...........suffix is nessmanage -- managment...........suffix is ment

A suffix is the ending of a word. The suffix of the word, unfortunately, is -ly.

The word anabolic does not have a suffix.

is business a suffix word

The base word of studying is study. To find the base word you have to remove the prefix and suffix, then you will be left with a word (base word). In this case, there is no prefix but it has a suffix (-ing). The base word is the same as the root word.

Yes, the word question has a suffix. The suffix is -tion.

The suffix of synchronize is -ize. The suffix is the bit at the end of the word.

In the word preface, ace is the suffix.In the word conclusion, sion is the suffix.A suffix is the morpheme added at the end of a word, forming a derivative.

No, the prefix comes first in a word. It is followed by the suffix (the suffix is the end part of the word).

No, a suffix is a word ending. Teacher is a word, not a word ending. For instance, one suffix is -ing. That suffix could be put on the word "teach" to make it "teaching."

The suffix of the word cyst is the st part of the word. This suffix means to stand and other words using this suffix are blast and past.

Root Word: starveSuffix: destarvation?????

The suffix of the word 'wreckage' is 'age'.

No. It is a word having the suffix -ous .

the suffix for the word objection is tion

the suffix of the word disrespectful is ful.

the word agreement has a suffix on it.

The word kindly has the suffix -ly.

The suffix of the word impossible is IBLE.

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