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the excess profits tax was repealed, and the tax rate structure was adjusted to be less progressive. Many preferences were incorporated into tax law in the form of deductions,

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Q: What income tax reforms were made in 1921?
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French nobles resisted Necker's financial reforms because?

He wanted to tax their income.

What has the author Fareed M A Hassan written?

Fareed M. A. Hassan has written: 'Revenue-productive income tax structures and tax reforms in emerging market economies' -- subject(s): Income distribution, Income tax, Tax evasion, Taxation

Is income tax the amount of money you made?

No.Income is the amount of money you made.Income tax is the amount of tax you have paid on your income $500 tax $50 your net income is 500-50 = $450.Income tax is $50

Which proposed Populist Party reforms were eventually adopted a Constitutional Amendments?

federal income tax and the direct election of u.s. sentators

What is an individuals legal responsibility to register for income tax returns?

For any year in which you made income of an amount and/or type necessitating the filing of an income tax return, you are legally required to file that return. There is no registration for income tax.

What year made income tax constitutional?


What is Before tax income after tax income?

Before tax income is gross income less allowable deductions and rebates = assessable income. After tax income is assessable income less the applicable income tax

Do you need to file tax returns for interest income?

Intrest made on income is income, and as such, should be reported on your 1040.

What kind of income tax is based on your taxable income?

Income tax IS based on your income that is why it is called INCOME tax.

Is Payroll Tax considered Income Tax?

Yes. Any tax on income is income tax. Taxes imposed after income, such as sales tax, aren't.

Who are the taxable persons?

In the Internal Revenue Code there is a tax imposed upon taxable income and that is defined as gross income or adjusted gross income which amounts to income earned in a taxable year by a taxpayer. A taxpayer is any person subject to any revenue laws. Is that clear? It isn't to me, and I remain astounded that so many people will claim that such circumlocution is clear to them. A tax imposed upon taxable income does not answer what the subject of the tax is. Is taxable income the same as income? If it is then why is taxable income defined as gross income or adjusted gross income but income itself never defined? Is income the subject of the Personal Income Tax Law? Who are the taxable persons? Those persons made liable for a tax are. How do we know who has been made liable to a tax by understanding that a tax was imposed upon taxable income?

What is a Fedeal income tax?

A income tax is a tax levied on the income of individuals or business.