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What indicates an emergency situation on a boat?


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Orange smoke blowing from the boat


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what indicates an emergency situation aboard

Orange smoke blowing from the boat.

An upside down flag is generally recognized as a signal of distress, and should be used only during an emergency.

A tornado emergency is a special kind of tornado warning that is issued when a large tornado is threatening a populated area. A tornado emergency indicates a more dangerous situation than an ordinary tornado warning.

Who is responsible for shutting off the oxygen valve during an emergency situation depends on the emergency procedures that have been developed for the place where the emergency is occurring.

The mayday transmission made by airplane pilots is a distress signal. MAYDAY spoken clearly indicates a pilot and/or aircraft in an emergency situation. Air Traffic Control then tells the pilot to switch to the emergency frequency 121.5.

Emancipation is not granted as an emergency situation. The court has to evaluate the situation and the ability of the minor to care for themselves.

An emergency rescue is a situation in which the victim must be removed from the area or the emergency removed from victim

Emergency - 1972 The Boat 6-19 was released on: USA: 12 March 1977

because adrenal gland helps to meet the emergency situation.

both are same..infact casualty is a department and emergency is a situation.

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or the environment

You have to go under the boat and climb up the emergency boats

Emergency, NO. Just make sure that the toad is not a poisonous one.

Yes, emergency is an abstract noun, a word for a situation, something that is recognized or understood.

It indicates the number of and combined weight of all gear the is safely allotted for a particular boat.

Only when instructed by a senior ranking officer (be it fire/ambulance or police)

An emergency situation is called a crisis; an affected individual is a casualty.

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