What indicator has no color at all?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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phenolphthalien when added to an acidic solution has a colourless indicator. but shows pink colour for basic solution.

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Q: What indicator has no color at all?
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What color is the color of universal indicator?

they have so many colours because they show if it is an acid or an alkali

What is a function of an indicator in a titration?

The function is to change color. This happens when all the H+ ( or H3O+) from the acid has been neutralized, an indicator in the sample will change

What will an indicator do in the presence of an acid or base?

This indicator changes his color.

What color will the indicator be in a neutral sodium hydroxide?

the indicator will be the pale colors of green :)

An indicator of the approximate energy of light?

Indicator of the amount of energy in a wave.

What color does universal indicator turn in deionized water?

since water is pretty neutral, the water does not change color but the universal indicator does. The universal indicator changes color as per the quantity of deionized water... But it changes to straw color or pale yellow in 50mL of deionized water.

Is a change in mass an indicator of chemical reaction?

No, it is NOT an indicator of a chemical reaction. Change in color IS an indicator of chemical change, though.

What is meant by the transition interval of an indicator?

The pH range over which an indicator changes color.

What will be except to happen to the color of the indicator as carbon dioxide is added?

the colour of the indicator will increase

What color does the indicator turn when mixed with juice powder?

The answer will depend on which indicator is being used.

What is the color of lime water in pH indicator?

The color is blue to violet.

What changes in color it is acid?

it depends on the indicator!