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Q: What influenced the french revolution?
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What other revolution influenced the French people desire for freedom and equality?

The American Revolution provided inspiration for the French Revolution.

What country was the inspiration for the French Revolution?

You can say Germany, Italy Great Britain, influenced France in their revolution..

What ideas influenced the french revolution?

The French Revolution was influenced by the enlightenment ideals of "natural law" and freedom. These ideals were also shown in the Declaration of the Rights of Man. Hope this helped(:

Beethoven belonged to a generation of artists who were influenced by the full impact of what revolution?

The French Revolution

What Revolution influenced a series of revolts that came to be known as the Springtime of Peoples?

French revolution

What Revolution influenced a series of revolts that came to be known as the Springtime of Peoples.?

French Revolution

What historical events influenced neoclassical architecture?

French revolution

What American document influenced the french revolution?

The Declaration of Independence.

What influenced the people to revolt in the French Revolution?

Hunger, anger, frustration, fear,

How did the enlightenment ideas influence the french?

How the Enlightenment influenced the French Revolution was by challenging the monarchy and the wealthiest classes .

How did the glorious revolution influence the American and french Revolution?

it influenced the revolutions in several ways. one way they were influenced was john Locke ideas on life liberty and property

The founding fathers got what idea from Rousseau?

The American Revolution, his political philosophy influenced the French Revolution, as well.