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i dont know how to explain it.

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What are Romania's cultural influences?

Romania has Greek and French cultural influences.

Dimensions of health and cultural influences?

the dimension of health and cultural influences is ability of human body to function properly.

What cultural influences did blues music have on people?

What were the influences on Blues music?

What are the five major interests of sociologists?

Social groups,cultural influences, social behavior,social change, and behavior

Cultural influences from which place eventually replaced Egypt's cultural influence in Nubia?

Cultural influences from the Arabian Peninsula eventually replaced Egypt's cultural influence in Nubia. Nubia is located in the southern part of Egypt.

What are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated?

What are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated

Did Arab nations like western influences?

Generally, no. Western influences usually led to the decay of historic governmental institutions and rapid cultural change, especially during the imperialistic period.

What is cultural divergence?

the restriction of a culture from outside influences.

What are the cultural influences in Mid Atlantic region?


How does cultural context influence literature?

Cultural context influences literature based on peoples way of living in a certain place. It can be used to change a bad society into a better life for the reader. It can change ones way of thinking and do many motivational things.

What are the cultural influences in Alabama?

Alabama people bang their sisters.

What is the socio cultural influences and ethics of stream restoration?


What are the cultural influences on international business?

The cultural influences on international business include the language, history, religion, and social institution. The habits, attitudes, and beliefs of a culture can also influence an international business.

Michelangelo's cultural and historical influences?

poeple aroud him influence him into painting

Bad influences of Americans to the Philippines?

smoking and cross cultural society

Definition of socio and cultural change?

Social change is a change in society. Cultural change is a change in culture.

What were the cultural effects of Islam's expansion?

One of the most important of the cultural influences was the conversion of some African states to Islam.

How can technology can lead to cultural change?

how technology can lead to cultural change

The cultural influences in William Shakespeares time?

what was the culture of the people in shakespeare time

How do societies change?

Changes in society can change fast and slow by their influences. Societies change from growth and technology. Societies also change because of people and outside influences.

What are Manitoba cultural influences?

Major influences include the English, Scottish, German Dutch, Ukrainians, Icelanders, Filipinos, Aboriginals, and Canadians from Ontario and Quebec.

What is the definition of cultural barrier?

When language, beliefs, traditions, and familiar influences become obstacles.

A study of how religious beliefs affected the behavior of the Ancient Incas in Peru?

cultural influences

What two cultural influences did Aksum blend?

it didnt blend because no trades were aailble

What are psychologys levels of analysis and related perspective?

biological, psychological, and social-cultural influences