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Q: What information about world war 1 does the photo provide?
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Who took a photo during the war?

I, George Bush, took all the photos during the world war I and world war II.Not a photo i took! I took all the photos !hahahahahahahahahaha

Which speaker would provide the MOST practical information on the role of the Thames in World War 2?

a local war historian

Would photo slides of world world 1 be worth very much money?

Photo slides of World War I would be worth quite a bit of money depending on their condition and the contents of the photo. High quality photos of the war are somewhat rare due to photography techniques used in the period.

Who is the girl in the battle of Okinawa World War 2 photo?

sandie cheeks

I have a world war 2 photo wanting to know how much its worth?

it depends on the pic

Is there any World War 1 solders called debond?

I couldn't find any specific information about a World War 1 soldier named "Debond." It's possible that the name was misspelled or misremembered. Without more details, it's challenging to provide more specific information.

Is there a Photo of a 1969 ten dollar bill?

no because on there the evil could pearson war rouning the world

World War One information?

Information can be found at the link provided

What is the story of Call of Duty Black Ops zombies?

The individual maps on the related links provide information on the Zombie stories that start back at Call of duty world at war

Where can you find information about a World War 2 soldier who fought and died in Italy?

Please provide me with your grandfather's full name, along with any other information that you have about him. I will see what information I have & then e-mail you with what I have learned. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

How much could a photo from World War 1 be worth?

All old photographs are worth preserving, preferrably if they are of world war I. Contact Chistys' and they will assess the present value of your precious collections.

Where can you locate a photo of Japanese Lt General Yoshitsugo Saito from World War 2?

Please go onto: and type in: photo of Japanese Lt. General Yoshitsugo Saito