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Usually the tenant(s) name(s), the term of the lease, e.g. a 6 month or 1 yr lease; the cost of the apartment. I believe that's the minimum but you can have a contract several pages long covering things you haven't thought of. If you secure the services of an attorney you'll know what I mean.

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Some things that are needed on a lease agreement form would be the amount due at signing, monthly payments, some other charges, total of your payments as well.

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Q: What information is required on a lease agreement form?
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I have a home for rent so I am looking for an online site where I can print a customized lease, any suggestions?

At, you'll find a form where you can enter the required information online, and it will print out a customized lease. Lease agreements are also available at

Do you need to sign a lease agreement form when getting an apartment?

Signing a lease agreement form is up to the person renting an apartment, not the renter. Before signing, a potential renter should understand the terms of the agreement. A good lease offers pretection to both parties.

What is a rental agreement form?

A rental agreement form is a written agreement between the renter and the provider of a service. You can usually find them in the form of a lease for an apartment or when someone rents a vehicle.

What is the definition of a lease agreement form?

A lease agreement is a contract that is set up between a landlord and the tenant with rights and obligations in regards to a property which the ladlord rents to the tenant.

Do you need a lease agreement form if Im renting out your guest house?

No it is not necessary to have a lease agreement however unless you are really close with that person it is best to have some sort of formal agreement in case there are disagreements in the future or other situations.

Is it required to fill out a rental agreement form to rent a house?

Yes it is required to fill out a rental agreement form to rent a house. Without this agreement the landlord of the house will not let you rent the house unless you fill out the agreement.

Tips About Rental Agreement Form?

Here's a good tip when you are signing a rental agreement form. Pay close attention to the fine print. Often, people don't pay attention to the information because they are in a hurry. The fine print has important information that affects your lease. Read the fine print and you won't have any surprises.

What is an agreement form for a small business?

An agreement form is essentially a lease agreement that you are going to pay rent installments on your commercial property. If you are opening a barber shop, this is a form you sign to indicate that you own that business property. Yes, you do need one.

Is there a way to rent a place without having to sign a lease?

No. If one requires to rent a place, he or she has to sign a lease or an agreement stating the rules and regulations for the period of time one is renting the place. It is a form of legal document that is a form of proof for the agreement between the renter and the tenant.

What is the form number for a Standard Lease Form?

A Standard Lease Form that is pursuant to section 9(1) of a "Rental of Residential Property Act" and section 3 of the Regulations is a Form 1. This form allows for both parties to enter into a legal binding rental agreement.

Are you able to alter a rental lease agreement after signing it?

In order to alter a rental agreement after signing, both parties must agree to the terms of the alteration. Also, the change in agreement should be in writing in most cases in the form of an addendum.

Can a landlord break a lease agreement that was from a downloaded form and filled out?

If both of you agreed upon the same terms and conditions, and signed the lease accordingly, then it is just as binding as one that would be furnished by an attorney, etc.