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The color of a beer is determined by the malt. The most common color is a pale amber produced from using pale malts.

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Q: What ingredient determines the color of a beer?
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What recipe uses beer?

There are many recipes that use beer as an ingredient, such as bratwurst boiled in beer and a beer-cheese soup.

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What is a beer ingredient starting with an m?

malted barley

What is the main ingredient in red stripe beer?


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What kind of color does beer have?

Beer is commonly found as the color brown. Other times it is found as a clear color.

What is the color of beer?

The color of beer depends on what it is made out of. It varies from light to dark brown.

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What is an ingredient in beer?

Yeast is what makes wort turn into beer. Beer itself is made from malt extract, hops and barley. Some other things used in beer are rice and sometimes spices for flavor.

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umm well lets start it this way there are several like root and also beer in it!! true accually it really is!!

How will beer make you drunk if it is made out of grapes?

Malted grain is the principal ingredient of beer. Grapes are the principal ingredient of wine. Both beer and Wine have an alcohol content. Anything that gets you drunk does so because yeast ate the sugars in it and pooped out alcohol.

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it is called root beer because it comes from the sap that is located in the roots of the birch tree hense it other name birch beer, but another reason could be that one major ingredient in root beer is sasafras root.

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What does Mountain Dew have that Coke and root beer do not?

Mountain Dew soda contains an ingredient known as Brominated vegetable oil. It is not found in Coke or root beer.

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