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bread, eggs, salt, and butter

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2009-04-03 14:14:53
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Q: What ingredients do you put in to make french toast?
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Do you put milk in the bowl when you make french toast?

yes you do

How do you make non-cinnamon french toast?

dont put cinnamon in it.

Can you put toast in the toaster?

Yes you can to re-heat it. But to make toast, you put bread in the toaster.

What do you put in the pan for french toast?

Put in butter, and the eggs, if it's not already on the bread

How do you make toast in the sun?

first u have to put a toast on a plate, place the plate on a roof, get a mirror and make the mirror reflect to the sun to make the toast

How do you make cinnamon toast crunch treats?

Boil the marshmallows in the pan and put cinnamon toast crunch

What topping can you put on french toast?

cinnamon and sugar, butter, fresh fruit, and whip cream. Confectioners sugar also makes a nice sweet topper for french toast. hope you like it!

What does a pirate put on his toast?


How do you make buttered toast?

You put bread in the toaster and when it pops out you butter it.

How do you make cheese on toast with no cooker?

Put the bread in the toaster with the cheese on it.

How can you use plain slice cheese in your recipe?

Put it on toast, and then put into the oven, so your cheese melts... Good old cheese on toast!! :D OR Make a sandwich OR Make a french "raclette". You take slices of cheese and melt them on potatos. eat with ham, chorizo, salad, smoked salmon, gehrkins... Just choose what you want!

How do you get the egg in french toast?

You put the egg in a bowl, stir and then dip the bread into the bowl to get the egg on the bread.

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