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The two-winged fly known as the midge (also called no-see-ums) has the fastest wingbeat of 62760 beats per minute, or about 1046 beats per second.

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Q: What insect has the fastest wing beat?
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What is the fastest flapping bird?

Hummingbirds, as a species are birds that have an extremely fast wing beat.

What is fastest the speed of light or the beat of a fly's wing?

The speed of light ! Nothing travels faster !

Which bird has the fastest wing beat?

homming bird its wings beat so fast that it can stay in the place while in th air

What is the name of the fastest insect?

The fastest insect according to me is The house centipede

Which insects six legged is the fastest?

The Dragon Fly is the fastest insect. The fastest insect on the ground is the cockroach.

Which bird has the fastest wing beat allowing it to hover in mid-air?

A humming bird, of which there are many species.

Which insect has no wing?


What is the fastest insect on four legs?

No insect has four legs.

Which insect moves the fastest?

The fastest moving insect is the tropical cockroach. They are able to go nearly 3.5 miles per hour, which is exceedingly fast for an insect.

What bird has the fastest wing beat?

The male club winged manikin has a wing beat as high as 100 per second- hummingbirds are typically about 50 per second. The Manikin uses the very high speed as a courting manuever, and not for regular flight.

The fastst insect in the world?

The fastest insect on land is the German cockroach

What is the difference in the texture of bird wing and insect wings?

the birds wing is hairy and the insects wing is delicate

Fastest flying insect?

Dragonflies are one of the fastest flying insects

How fast does a monarch butterfly beat its wings?

A monarch butterfly, the fastest species of butterfly, can beat its wings at a rapid eight to twelve wing beats going 20 miles an hour.

Fastest insect in the world?

A moff

What is the worlds fastest insect?

a cockroach

What is the fastest insect in the air?


What insect is the fastest runner?


What insect Has hard wing coverings?


What you the fastest wing animal?


Preparing a microscope slide of insect wing?

Preparing a microscope slide that contains an insect wing can be done in a couple of steps. Make sure the two slides that you will use are clean. Place the insect wing in between the two slides. Place the slide under the microscope.

What is the fastest moving insect in the world?


What insect is the fastest flyer?

Dragon fly

What is the fastest insect?

dragonfly ---------------60 mph

What is the fastest land insect?

tiger beetle