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Do some insects eat spiders?

no some insects do not eat spiders

What do spiders eat?

Spiders eat insects(flies, ants...) and other spiders.

What do spiders eat on a saguaro cactus?

Spiders eat insects

What do jewel spiders eat?

they eat insects and they are very keen for spiders

What do kauai wolf spiders eat?

They eat insects and other spiders

What do crab spiders eat?

Crab spiders eat all insects.

Do crocodiles eat spiders?

only as babies will they eat insects and spiders.

Do jumping spiders eat plants?

Spiders are carnivorous, they eat insects

Do spiders eat peanut butter?

Spiders do not eat peanut butter, they eat insects.

Do spiders eat harmful insects?

No, but Some spiders eat other spiders (exp:Daddy long legs eat harmful spiders)

Do spiders eat leaves?

No, they eat insects.

Do mice eat spiders?

yes mice will eat spiders and small insects.

Do spiders eat bread?

No, spiders can not eat bread. They do not have the teeth to chew any bread. Spiders only eat insects.

What does female jumping spiders eat?

other spiders and insects

Do spiders eats birds?

No, spiders eat little insects.

What is spiders prey?

Most spiders eat other insects.

What are spiders' diet?

I think that there are insects that the spiders eat.

What do cave spiders eat?


Why are spiders helpfull?

They eat the Insects

What do parson spiders eat?


How are spiders different from insects?

they have 8 legs insects only have 6Spiders are arachnids and they have eight legs. They eat insects.

What insects help in your house?

Spiders eat most insects

What do centapeids eat?

They typically eat insects and spiders.

Do ladybugs eat spiders?

They do eat aphids and scale insects, so it is possible that they eat spiders, also.

How often does a toco toucan eat?

fruits,birds,insects, and spiders fruits, birds, insects, and spiders