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What do gall wasps eat?


What insects do mockingbirds eat?

Mockingbirds eat beetles, ants, bees, wasps, and grasshoppers, but it will also eat non-insects.

How do wasps eat other insects?

They take small bites and eat away.

Do wasps eat anything?

Wasps eat some smaller insects, which can attack flowers and plants. As a result they are a positive influence in a garden.

Do insects eat plants?

Yes, there are hundreds of insects that eat plants and flowers. Some of these insects include ants, bees, wasps, beetles, and cockroaches.

Do wasps eat each other?

No, wasps do not eat each other. They tend to eat other insects such as houseflies and bow flies as well as nectar and pollen.

What are some parasite insects?

Wasps, wasps lay there eggs in a living animal, and the babies eat the animal from the inside out

What does a jewel spider eat?

It eats wasps and other flying insects

Do wasps like pollen?

They mostly prefer to eat other insects.

How many legs does a wasps have?

Wasps are insects. Insects have 6 legs.

What bug eats wasps?

Many insects can eat wasps, including dragonflies, moths, and beetles. Larger wasps, which belong to the order Hymenoptera, can also feed on other smaller wasps.

Are wasps useful?

Wasps are useful to the food chain. Wasps eat caterpillars and other insects that destroy crops, as well as pollinate flowers and other plants.

What do yellow jacket wasps eat?

These wasps are carnivorous, preying on spiders and other insects. They will also be attracted by smells and colors. Some will eat nector from plants as well.

What organisms do wasps eat?

Wasps eat many different organisms, including spiders, caterpillars, flies, ants, bees, and various other insects. Wasps have been speculated to prey on small birds as well.

Do badgers eat wasps?

Badgers are not known to eat wasps specifically, but they do feed on a variety of insects and grubs. They Honey Badger feeds on honey and often consumes bees in the process.

What kind of insects do spider eat?

Spiders usually eat any kind of insects they can catch. However, there are some flies and wasps that lay their eggs in spiders. They try to avoid those insects.

Do wasps eat baby grasshoppers?

Wasps may take grasshopper grubs, but to feed to their larvae. Adult wasps don't eat other insects, they live off a sweet liquid rather like honeydew secreted by their larvae.

What food to black phoebe birds eat?

They are in the flycatcher family and eat insects and do not feed at seed stations. They eat beetles, grasshoppers, small insects, bees, wasps, flies and the the like.

Can a dragonfly kill a wasp?

A dragonfly can indeed kill wasps. Dragonflies eat wasps and many other small insects regularly as part of their diet.

How do you write conclusion about wasps?

I conclude that wasps are sensitive insects.

Why do you have wasps?

Wasps kill an enormous amount of insects like flies, cockroaches and aphids. They eat a lot of caterpillars and small white larvae that feed on vegetables. They maybe harmful sometimes but generally are useful insects.

What are insects that sting?

Wasps and Bee's are insects that sting.

Are wasps a mammal or not?

Wasps are not mammals they are insects like bees and flies.

Do wasps have a backbone?

No. Wasps are insects and do not have a backbone.

What are pros about wasps?

They are a gardeners friend and eat all sorts of other insects which attack garden plants.