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because of her sister miley


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crime scene was one of his famous movies..

Hello! Michael Jackson is from Indiana! It's not impossible to become famous anywhere.

He started th Jackson 5 and then went to a solo career

continued to be a great Artist/Performer

Michael Jackson is far more famous.Michael Jackson

Yes, Michael Jackson is still famous.

because Michael Jackson wanted to sing alone and become famous

his parents pushing him to become famous

Berry Gordy the head of Motown.

He became famous in America and then his fame spread all around the world.

Michael Jackson was 10 when he got famous.

Michael Jackson is more famous, he is known all over the world, Michael Jordan is also very famous but not on the same level as Michael Jackson.

well first you have to have a talent then show off your talent to some one who can make you famouse then try harder and become Michael Jackson lol

Yes . Michael Jackson is more famous then Bill Cosby. NOBODY is more famous then Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson because he became the king of pop and Michael Jackson was famous way before. Michael Jackson famous from:5yr old Barrack Obama: 48yr old

Michael Jackson.......Definatley!

The Jackson 5 were quite well known in and around their home town in Indiana but they didn't become famous until they moved to L.A. and signed with Motown.

He initially became famous through the Jackson 5 group. Their initial record deal was through Barry Gordy.

Michael Jackson became famous at the age of 7

michel jacksonMichael Jackson is more famous than Walt Disney

Because he wanted to become famous before dying!!

Yes, He is famous!

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