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Q: What inspired raven symone to get into show buisiness?
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How old was Raven Symone when she retired?

Raven Symone did not retire. She now has a new show on ABC Family.

Why don't they show That so Raven?

They don't do it anymore because the protaganist of the show, Raven Symone, left the show.

Does Justin bieber have a crush on raven symone from the show that's so raven?

um no

Why raven symone is not on cheetah girls?

She had her own show called That's so Raven.

How long was Raven Symone on the Cosby Show?

2 years

Is raven symone still doing the That's So Raven show?

no raven is not still doing the show that's so raven they are only giving repeats

What is Ravens last name?

her show name is Raven Baxter and her real name is raven symone

Is raven symone still a virgin?

Yes, Raven symone is still a virgin. Back in 2008 or 09. Raven symone was on the Wendy Williams show talking about her new movie twinkerbell. When Wendy asked her was she a virgin. She whispered in her ear. Yes. It's on youtube just type in raven symone on Wendy Williams.

How long was raven symone on the bills Cosby show?

for along time

What is Raven Symone doing now?

Raven Symone is working on her fifth studio album.And Working on a new abc family show. CalledThe Great Start Of Georgia.

What happened to raven symone?

Raven Symone Is back with a new show , Named "The Great State Of Georgia", On ABC Family. This year! She plays the lead role of , Georgia".

Does Raven Symone love her show?

I think she does seeing as she made so many!

What is the actresses name that place Raven on the TV show That's so Raven?

Her name is Raven Symone. See her as a very young child on the Cosby show of the 1990's.

How old was raven symone when she started acting?

Raven was 2 years old when she started acting on the bill cosbey show =)

Who playes Olivia on the Cosby show?

Raven-Symone plays Olivia on The Cosby Show. She later starred in "That's So Raven" on ABC Family.

Was raven symone in the Cosby show?

Yes she was, she was known as denise s step daughter

Is Raven Symone a virgin?

Raven Symone Is a virgin . Still she isn't getting married until 30 years old. And As said on the Wendy Williams show she is still a virgin back in 2008.

Why didnt raven symone play in cheetah girls one world?

raven wanted to stand on her own to show she was a big girl

What is raven symones baby name?

Raven-Symone is an American actress, best known for her role on the Disney show That's So Raven. She does not have any children.

Who is raven symone?

Raven Symone plays a number of characters on different t.v. shows. such as, THE COSBY SHOW as OLIVIA KENDALL, HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER as NICOLE LEE, KIM POSSIBLE as MONIQUE, & THATS SO RAVEN as RAVEN BAXTER. raven symones birthday is December 10th, 1985.

Was she 25 on that's so raven?

When the show started she was 18, in 2005, she was 20, so when the show ended in 2007, she was 22. So no, Raven-Symone was never 25 on that's so raven.

How old was Raven Symone when she first joined the Bill Cosby show?

3+ years old

What is the name of the series who starede kyle Massey and raven symone?

that's so raven this show was about a girl (raven) that can see into the future and sometimes it is good some times it is NOT.

Does raven symone still exist?

Yes she does. She currently has her own show called "That's so Raven" where she plays a teen who has precognitive powers.

Why is raven symone remembered?

For being in a show on Disney Channel called That's So Raven and in 2 of the 3 Cheetah Girls movies.