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A tiltmeter measures changes in the tilt of the earth. :)
A tiltmeter is an instrument that measures changes in the tilt of the earth. :)

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Q: What instrument measures changes in the tilt of the earth?
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The tilt of earth changes how the suns rays strike the?

The tilt of the earth changes how the sun stikes

How do seasons changes?

They change by the tilt of the earth's axis!

What instrument measures the tilt of a surface - one that has an air bubble in a liquid?

A spirit level.

What makes the earth change seasons?

The Earth's seasons changes by the tilt of the Earth.

How does the Earth's tilt affect the Earth's climate?

The bigger the tilt the warmer the summer is.

Is the Earth's tilt and revolution the reason for the changes in the Earth's climate every year?

The earth's tilt and revolution around the sun are responsible for the changes in the seasons, from spring through to winter, every year.

Does the geomagnetic field changes slowly if it so then does it effects the axial tilt of the earth?

Earth's magnetic field has no effect on its axial tilt.

What factors cause changes in temperature during the seasons?

The Earth's tilt and orbit cause seasonal temperature changes.

How long does it take to earth to tilt?

The Earth basically maintains its tilt over time - although over thousands of years, there can be minor changes.

Why does the Earth have seasonal changes in temperature throughout the year?

because o tilt of Earth's axis.

What are two causes of the changes in seasons?

The earth orbiting the sun and the tilt in the earth's axis or rotation.

What is the reason for the changes?

Seasonal changes happen because of the tilt of the Earth's axis, relative to the plane of the ecliptic.