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What instruments are used in reggaeton?

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The instruments used in reggaeton are the bass drum, hi-hat, and snare drum, the instruments that do the (poom pa pom pa). Then there's the electric bass, synths, lead vocals, if there are lyrics for singing, and the rapping, if there are lyrics to rap.

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What are the instruments used in reggaeton?

timbals,timbars,palos,kicks, and snares are some instruments used in reggaeton

Who is the founder of reggaeton music?

stores of rap,reggaeton

What is the definition od reggaeton?

Reggaeton is a form of music that began in Jamaica and was later coined the name "Reggaeton" in Puerto Rico. Reggaeton is a fusion of Latin rythm and hip-hop

Which country did reggaeton originate?

Some people belive it started in Panama because it was there that Spanish reggae started but that wasn't Reggaeton. Reggaeton blends reggae and dancehall with Latin as well as hip hop beats. Reggaeton actually originated in Puerto Rico.

Where did reggaeton come from?

Reggaeton come from the island of Puerto Rico. Big Pun was the first Reggaeton/hip hip artes to bring the sound together in Bronx New York

What is the Most popular reggaeton song?

"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee is the Most popular reggaeton song world wide

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The history of reggaeton?

go to wikipedia

Who is the king of reggaeton?

Daddy Yankee

Does Miranda Cosgrove reggaeton?

Not really..

What are the instruments used in reggaeton music?

Im a reggaetón producer myself and i can honestly tell you that reggaetón has alot of different kicks,snares,and etc. unlike rap music,reggaetón uses timbals,timbars,palos,kicks,snares,and other stuff i cant seem to recall cuz im at school but I'll try to answer this question later but if your using flstudio to make your beats you wont find reggaeton instrumentals your going to have to download them from a CD or the internet

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What is a good reggaeton website?

You can try out

Where can you download reggaeton music?

Buy it on iTunes.

How do you spell reggeton in spanish?

Translation: Reggaeton

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What is the origin of reggaeton music?

Reggaeton music originated from Latin and Caribbean music. It is a subgenre of reggae, and appeared in the 1970s. It was developed in Panama and Puerto Rico.

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What are the release dates for La Gasolina Reggaeton Explosion - 2012?

La Gasolina Reggaeton Explosion - 2012 was released on: USA: 28 February 2012

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